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How to make your website secure

Spies, thieves, hackers and malware are a problem for every website and every website visitor. In your own interests and to comply with the law you have to take steps to keep your website safe. A good web hosting company will help you do this, but here are a few basic precautions.

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Make your domain name accessible by HTTPS

A secure sockets layer “certificate” (SSL) encrypts your sites data exchanges so they can’t be intercepted and monitored. It makes your site accessible by HTTPS instead of HTTP. SSL is often bundled with commercial hosting packages because they are essential for commercial sites, but they are reassuring for every site.

Buy your business name

It’s a good idea for businesses to buy any domain name that resembles their own (see That prevents someone impersonating you, profiting from your marketing, or cybersquatting (asking an inflated price for the name later).

Keep up to date

All websites depend on a web server and many also depend on a PHP interpreter, database and other software resources. These are constantly being improved to protect against new threats so keeping up to date is important. Good web hosts help you do this but it is something to ask when you choose your package.

Don’t allow uploads

Don’t provide any means for visitors to upload files onto your server space. If you need to receive files, ask them to use DropBox or email them direct so you can scan them with antivirus software.

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Secure your contact forms

If your website allows visitors to send messages or leave comments you need to be very careful. Secure plugins use filters and other methods to prevent hackers entering potentially dangerous code into them.

Use security plugins

There are many free security plugins for content management systems like WordPress but check out the reviews before you use them. In the past, some had flaws that hackers could exploit so always keep them up-to-date.

Don’t advertise your CMS

If your website says “made with WordPress” you are telling hackers the weaknesses of your website and the default locations of its critical files.

Use safe passwords

Passwords aren’t much use if they are easy to guess. Hackers don’t have to guess them manually, they use software to try out probable combinations, but it is still very hard for them to crack a strong password.

It is not necessary to bomb the consumer. Experiential Marketing is the key

When Confucius generated this appointment, he never imagined that his words would serve as the cover of the countless presentations of those who claim to claim the title of Experiential Marketers. They all aspire to convince the market with tools that are far removed from traditional marketing and mass advertising. Continue reading It is not necessary to bomb the consumer. Experiential Marketing is the key

How to integrate content marketing and SEO for gains

While you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that SEO and content marketing are the same thing, you’d definitely be wrong. However, they do work together to build a strong digital marketing strategy that works for your business.

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SEO is the technical foundations on which your website is built, ensuring that search engines can find and index your website effectively so that your traffic is highly relevant. Content marketing refers to the actual content that informs and supports the journey that your potential customers will make before making a purchase; something White Label SEO services specialise in. For both SEO and content marketing to work, there are some handy hacks to link them.

Using keywords

Every SEO worth their salt knows that keyword research is the very first step in devising an SEO strategy. This should also be how you approach your content. Using highly targeted keywords or longer key phrases in your content and your landing pages has a natural boosting effect for SEO. Just be mindful not to overdo the keywords – stuffing your content full of keywords is repetitive and dull to read and it can also hinder your search engine performance so it’s actually counterproductive.

Optimising for people

User experience (UX) is often overlooked, particular at a time when people use a variety of devices to browse the internet. Broken links (404s), poor site architecture, and irrelevant content can all leave users scratching their heads and far more likely to browse elsewhere. Companies like Digi-tel will be well versed in optimising UX.

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Quality link building

Link building and backlink strategies are an important part of SEO to build up your site’s authority. Content marketing should be in your mind while doing this and if you are creating high-quality content that delivers more value than that of your competitors, more people will naturally link back to you. It’s worth noting that you should also check who you link to, as you can be penalised for backlinks that are flagged as spam, or use bad content.

By weaving threads of SEO and content marketing together, you are building a robust strategy that allows your website to be a strong and reliable part of your business and its branding. Having one might give you short-term gains, but using both boosts long-term ROI.

Content Marketing: either you create and share, or you do not exist!

For months now you registered your company profile in the main social networks, at first you liked to enter and you were observing day by day the evolution of your followers. I was excited every time you got an email that said “Fulanito is following you on Twitter” or likes …” You thought: “this goes smoothly”, I will have a great online community in a blink of eyes, my online reputation will rise like foam … But over time, you felt disillusioned, because you could see with sadness that your profile was drying, as you do all the plants that you put on the balcony. If you only dedicate yourself to contemplating your time line and do not take an active part, you will never get a presence in social media. Assume it at once: “Content is king” Continue reading Content Marketing: either you create and share, or you do not exist!

The road to Social SEO: An evolution without return

We live in a moment in which social networks are in full swing, and any company that boasts, needs to have social profiles to make a successful strategy.

Another very important element, which has always been given relevance has been to appear in the top positions of the search engines, since, generally, we usually do not pass the first two pages of Google, so companies have always worked hard in hiring technical experts in web positioning to try to get their websites appear in the top positions and thus be much more visible to Internet users. Continue reading The road to Social SEO: An evolution without return

Marketing is no longer for the brave

In my view, the Internet has revolutionized the opportunities that a company has in creating and placing its products within the reach of consumers. It has also put the fundamentals of traditional marketing back on the back end by providing tools to professionals in this field, which allow them to undoubtedly address the definition of strategies aimed at success with greater guarantees. Continue reading Marketing is no longer for the brave

Politics and Corruption: The Mission Impossible for a Community Manager

We have talked a lot about reputation crises. Fires caused by different causes or origins that result in a real uncontrollable chaos in social networks and that no professional community manager can claim to control. It is not wrong to remember that at times, reputation crises are impossible to tackle even with all the necessary resources and a good plan of action and response to them. Continue reading Politics and Corruption: The Mission Impossible for a Community Manager

Live Stream: A Little Exploring Path to Content Marketing

Live streaming, from its beginnings as a platform of world service, has reached high popularity. Just watch some streaming programs to realize they have thousands of followers. 

How many business managers or marketing managers have observed this platform as an opportunity to spread content to their target audience? It is believed that this tool should only be used by large companies, gamers or bloggers. Continue reading Live Stream: A Little Exploring Path to Content Marketing

Brands go from their customer’s complaints in Social Media

A shocking fact, the brands lose 88% of the feedback generated by their local customers. This implies that practically all the opportunities to generate engagement with their clients fall into the void. This is reflected in the latest study published by Venuelabs in collaboration with the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) on the importance of having a social communication strategy at the local level: Continue reading Brands go from their customer’s complaints in Social Media

Mobile marketing, content marketing and visual marketing, trends that grow unstoppable

The Internet is already present, before our eyes presents a very dynamic environment, where it is necessary to keep your eyes wide open, as if a Formula 1 race were, “if you blink, you miss it.” To find the latest trends and know where to allocate more resources, here are some of the main conclusions on the state of the internet, drawn from the intervention of Mary Meeker, KPCB in D11 Conference. Continue reading Mobile marketing, content marketing and visual marketing, trends that grow unstoppable