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Hosting your own film festival

During the lockdowns people suddenly found they had a lot of time on their hands and had a great opportunity to spend time with the people they lived with or family. As the weeks and days ground on they turned to Streaming services and their old DVDs for entertainment. Some even held mini film festivals. Now that things are back to some kind of normal there is the chance to do it all over again, but this time you can do it with a proper Luxury Home Cinema Plymouth based can provide. With a projector, screen and sound systems you can really do the films you watch some justice.

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There are plenty of ideas for your film festival. For example if you fancy a Tolkien Fest then you have all the Hobbits and the Lord of the Rings films to choose from. You can stretch out the films over 6 days or try and watch them all in one go! Be advised this does mean about 19 hours of Middle Earth. If you want an even longer festival than the Nine Star Wars films might be a consideration. Longer than that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which could take you up to a month if you include the TV series that go with it.

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With your own Cinema you can have people dress up as their favourite character and even have themed food with cups and plates.

The incredible criminal mind

The 2002 film ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is one of the hit films of the early noughties. It stars Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio under the direction of Steven Speilberg. It’s an exhilarating story based on the real-life experiences of Frank Abagnale Jnr. Abagnale is one of the most prolific and devious criminals ever to grace the FBI’s most-wanted list. He is a fraudster and would certainly not have passed any AML ID VERIFICATION checks, like those from W2 Global in the modern era. As this is in the 1960s things were very different.

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Frank Jnr had a good teacher, Frank Abagnale Snr, his father. His Dad would scam on a small scale. However, the IRS is on to Frank Snr and the family has to move to a smaller place. Humbled by the turn of events, Frank Jnr then discovers his mum is having an affair. He runs away and starts the first of his many cons.

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Releasing that he can get free rides on any PAN AM flight by pretending to be a pilot, Frank Jnr soon expands the idea. He soaks the decals from model planes so that he can make fake PAN AM security badges. He then enrolls himself on the payroll.

Over the course of the many years before his capture, he is able to impersonate a secret agent and a Doctor and even escaped the law by walking into an airport; the law was staking out with 8 fake PAN AM stewardesses. They were students who he’d convinced were on a training program.

Could disaster movies ever actually happen

At the moment living through a pandemic it can feel like we are in our own disaster movie that has got a little too close for comfort. But there are awesome disaster movies that fly very close to reality and others that live much more in the realms of fantasy and with a good tv reception as a result of using a TV Aerials Swansea company such as you can sit back, relax and enjoy the action. Here are a couple of disaster films that have been incredibly popular with viewers.

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Independence Day – one of top films back in 1996 that showed the human race going to war with hostile aliens, threatening to destroy the major cities and wipe out humanity. Since HG Wells captured the public’s fear and imagination when ‘Battle of the Worlds’ was broadcast on the radio in America, Alien invasions have become highly common entertainment, leading to many thinking it was actual, and the Earth was being invaded! Aliens are surrounded by many mysteries.

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Armageddon/ Deep Impact -The late nineties were full of warnings of doomsday, reports of the end of the planet and general scaremongering about the end of days and the bug of the millennium. The genre of disaster films was going strong and both of these films portrayed the planet being threatened by a massive asteroid that would wipe out life on Earth. This is probably one of the most plausible catastrophe scenarios, considering that, after all, we are in a space world, where debris is constantly hurting around, as it has in the past, the odds are that one day it will happen.