Top Reasons to Go on a Golfing Holiday

Golfing holidays can be a great way to get away from it all. Whether you want to relax in the sun, play golf against your friends, or try something new, golfing holidays are a great option. And there are many options available for any budget, too.

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Golfing holidays are a great way to relax and improve your game. The scenery can be stunning, and you can play against some of the world’s best players. Moreover, they don’t cost the earth. In addition, you can go on a golfing holiday anytime of the year. And since you can choose any date of travel, you won’t have to worry about airfare spikes. This means you can plan a golfing holiday around school or before summer holiday breaks. For transporting sporting equipment, consider Van Rental Bristol from a company like Autolyne

When planning a golfing holiday, be sure to make sure you have plenty of time to relax. If you’re a beginner, you might find it difficult to adapt to the timetable of playing golf in an unfamiliar place. So, make sure to plan enough time to enjoy the different games and activities that you’ll be taking part in.

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When you book a golf holiday, you’ll also enjoy top-notch amenities. Many golf resorts include spa salons, swimming pools, and speciality restaurants. These are great places to bond with new people and play a little friendly competition. You might even get the opportunity to play with a professional golfer.

Before you can start golfing, you’ll need to buy a few items. Your golf clubs are a necessity, of course, but you’ll also need a golf bag to carry your clubs and other items. Golf tees are also essential equipment, as they will help you hit the ball straight. Tees are often made of plastic or wood. The shoes you wear while playing the game are also important. You’ll also need golf gloves to keep your hands steady. Wearing a glove on your off-hand club will keep your hands clean when you’re swinging.

Golf clubs come in different sizes, so make sure to get the right one for your height and physical condition. You can also have your clubs custom made if you prefer. Make sure to measure your wrist to the floor to get the proper size. This is the most accurate way to determine the size of a golf club.



Who was Doctor Sidney Farber and why was he so important

Today, we know that cancer is a deadly and frightening disease. But we also know that treatments and survival rates are improving all the time and that a lot of research is going on and paid clinical trials are being ran by companies such as Trials 4 us that are always building on our understanding and knowledge of the treatment of the illness.

It is common knowledge today that for many kinds of cancers the treatment is chemotherapy. This is an effective treatment that despite having unpleasant side effects, has been a mainstay of treating cancer for many years. But do you know the name of the man who discovered this form of treatment, which led to many lives being saved?

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Doctor Sidney Farber worked at Boston children’s hospital, just after the second world war ended. He was determined that funding would be secured for the research into cancer treatments. His work studying Leukaemia meant that he saw a lot of children and young adults sick with the disease that he was certain a cure could be found for.

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He was certain that he was able to treat the disease that affects the white blood cells, and he treated a group of children with an experimental drug in 1947. This was the first ever use of chemotherapy to cure cancer – and this resulted in the first ever remission of leukaemia in the world.

By the middle of the 1950s, he also had an entire floor in the children’s hospital, which he ran according to his complete care principals – a place where all related care happened in one place. This has now become the model all over the world.

The Popular Flat Cap

Flat caps have long been one of the most practical hat styles. For the working man it has been a staple of clothing for centuries. Helping to keep the head warm, and also convenient to transport as it is easy to just fold up and place in a pocket, it is clear why the flat cap is such an enduringly popular style.

In modern times the flat cap has come into its own, not just as a practical item of clothing but also as an item that you can wear as a fashion statement. The flat cap has also been revived partly as a result of the success of the television series Peaky Blinders.

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Irish flat caps like this are a versatile item of clothing that are well worth having in your wardrobe. If you are working outdoors or like to spend a lot of time outside for leisure, they will help to keep your head warm!

They are also great for smarter wear – one of the places that you will see a lot of flat caps is at the racecourse! Paired with matching tweed jackets and warm jumpers, the flat cap manages to be both practical and stylish as a choice for wearing to the races.

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Something else that is now seen more often is purely wearing a flat cap as a fashion look rather than for practicality reasons. The main thing to remember regardless of what you are planning on wearing the cap with is to make sure that you measure your head to get the right size before you buy.

Selling your Home – Things to Do to Prepare to Sell

Selling a house is a big decision. It can also be really stressful. When it comes to selling your home, something that is really important is to make sure that you have thought through the whole process. A house is a big decision, so when you are selling up you want to make sure that you get the best deal you can for it, as well as the fact that you have somewhere that you are happy to move to when you sell.

Something that you should always do before you decide to sell your home is to think about it, do some research and ask yourself the right questions.

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Before you sell you need to think about the timing. Your personal financial position as well as what the property market is like currently are both things that will have a big impact on this. Selling a house can be an expensive process as you will have the new property to buy potentially, as well as things like the fees that you will pay to estate agents and also for the legal costs of moving.

Smaller expenses include things like decorating costs and also the hiring of services such as removals companies for example.

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Presenting your house well is a really important part of selling your property quickly and also for the best price. Something that is not good when you are selling is having a lot of clutter in the house as it makes the space feel much smaller and cramped. Lots of people like to use a facility like this self storage Swindon based company as this is a great way to keep your stuff without having it all in the way when you are selling.

Small things make a big difference too – make sure that you have spent time making the front of the house look its best. Maintain plants and bushes and clear up any weeds. If the front door is looking a bit tired, give it a coat of paint – small things like this create a really good first impression. The first sighting of the house can already form an impression quickly in someone’s mind.

Keeping Well in the Winter

In the winter it is essential that we take good care of ourselves – the colder and darker days bring with them their own problems, and we need to make sure that we are healthy in order to get through the winter and make the most of it.

As much of the natural world goes to sleep for a time, here are some of the things to focus on to ensure that you are as healthy as possible over the winter…

Our diet is really important in making sure that the body can function healthily. What you put into your body has an effect on your health overall, and as winter is a time when there are many bugs and germs flying around, a good diet is an important part of making sure that your immune system is up to tackling these. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables – squashes, beans and root vegetables are all abundant at this time of the year as well as being really good for your body and packed full of nutrients.

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It is also important to get plenty of water into the body. Cutting down on the amount of alcohol that we drink is also a good idea, as this has many negative effects on the body and immune system.

Caring for your mental health is also essential over the winter. Make sure that you have a good mental health and self care routine – this could be writing a daily gratitude list or taking yoga classes. Do activities that benefit your mental wellbeing – things like knitting can help to calm the brain and knitting kits like this are a great way to get into knitting.

You could also wrap up warm and head to the woodlands – the presence of the trees can help to calm and soothe an anxious mind and walking is great for your body and your brain.

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Staying warm is important in the winter and with the cost of gas and electricity being a worry for many people, it is important to look at all the ways that you can keep your home warm. Good insulation will preserve the heat, so check that your windows are not letting the cold air in and use things like draught excluders to keep the heat where you want it!

Why Your Credit Score Says a Lot About You

Your credit score can say a lot about you. Lenders look at your score when they are approving you for a loan or a credit card. People with high scores are seen as more creditworthy, and are more likely to qualify for more favourable interest rates on loans and credit cards. Having a good credit score also means you’ll be more attractive to landlords, who are willing to rent to people with a high credit score. In addition, employers also review your credit history when deciding whether to hire you for a job in the financial sector, for example. Find out more about KYC used by financial companies by visiting a site like

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Today’s society depends heavily on credit. Credit cards and loans are both based on a good score, which shows that you’ve been responsible and have a history of making payments. Unfortunately, many people tend to overextend themselves. With general living expenses taking a toll on their wages, many people are living beyond their means and end up paying more than they can afford.

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Even if you don’t need a loan, having a good credit score opens up a world of opportunities. Not only will you be eligible for lower interest rates and better terms on loans, but you’ll also be able to qualify for better discounts on car insurance and loans and mortgages, which will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.


Family life requires a sterdy floor

The best flooring for a busy family home will always be one that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Many people do not realise that they can have low maintenance, beautiful flooring without costing the earth. It is always important to save money where you can, especially for young families, so consider factors like price versus durability. The cheapest might turn out to be a false economy.

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The best flooring for a busy home is going to be something that can be fixed rather quickly and will be easy to clean as well. Think about how easy it is to clean a carpet compared to a laminate floor, for instance. If you have carpets installed, how often will you need to pay for professional carpet cleaning services? Hardwood floors can take quite a bit of abuse before they start to show any signs of wear but they still need to be cleaned regularly. For more information on the benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring, contact

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What is the best flooring for a busy family home? For many that choice is engineered wood flooring. It looks great and is very affordable. This flooring can be sealed so it never needs to be stained and it is very easy to keep clean. Having it installed by a professional ensures you get a good job done right first time. If you are planning a big revamp of your home then this type of flooring is recommended for any busy family home.


Why it is Important to Reuse Polystyrene

Although polystyrene is both recyclable and reusable, it is rarely recycled. Instead, it is disposed of in landfills, where it can remain for hundreds of years. This means that we are not maximising the material’s value throughout its lifecycle. Last year, around 14.6 million tonnes of polystyrene was disposed of in landfills. This waste contains micro-particles that can end up in waterways and aquatic environments. Get on board with Polystyrene Recycling by visiting a site like

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Recycling polystyrene is an important way to reduce its environmental impact. Recycling it will not only prevent pollution, but it will also save the cost of making new consumer products. Each tonne of EPS recycled will prevent the emission of 2 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. This amount is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide filtered by 40 trees in a year. Additionally, reusing polystyrene will generate an additional source of income for waste generators.

Another method of recycling polystyrene is through the process of catalysis. This process utilises ultraviolet light and a chemical catalyst to convert the polystyrene to a useful chemical, called diphenylmethane. This chemical is used for many purposes, including as a polymer manufacturing precursor and drug development. Additionally, it can also be used to create fragrances for consumer products.

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Polystyrene is a common chemical in household waste, but the chemicals that it contains are harmful to the environment. Once it enters the environment, it can cause air pollution and pollute water. Furthermore, it can get into food and enter the body. Therefore, it is essential to recycle and reuse polystyrene.