An introduction to the role of an accountant

You will have heard of accountants, but have you ever wondered what tasks they perform in their roles? Whether they work in Bath or Glasgow, accountants will undertake similar functions as part of their profession in addition to developing specialist expertise in different areas. Let’s look at what is expected within the role of an accountant. Continue reading An introduction to the role of an accountant

Four things to consider when hiring a car

Renting a car can really enhance your travel experience, giving you plenty of flexibility and convenience; however, making the right choice requires careful consideration. Here are four essential factors to keep in mind when hiring a car.

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  1. Type of vehicle

    Choosing the right vehicle basically depends on your needs and why you are making your trip in the first place, so this is something you will need to think about. As an example, bigger groups might need a larger vehicle, while you can get away with something smaller for a solo trip.

    2. Rental costs and policies

    Understanding the cost structure of the rental can save you from unexpected expenses. Make sure you are happy with this and compare prices from different rental companies, looking for any hidden fees such as insurance, additional driver fees, or charges for sat nav and child seats. Finally, check the fuel policy. Some companies will ask you to come back with a full tank, which will result in a charge if you do not comply.

    3. Insurance coverage

    Insurance is crucial when renting a car. Most rental companies offer various options, such as car hire excess insurance, but these can be pricey. Check whether your personal car insurance or credit card covers rental cars; if not, a specialist such as Money Maxim can help you to find the best deal.

    4. Rental company reputation

    The reputation of the rental company can significantly impact your experience and how happy you are with not only the car but also the process from beginning to end. A good thing to do is look for reviews and ratings online to gauge customer satisfaction and see what other people have to say. A reputable company will have transparent policies, good customer service, and well-maintained vehicles, while you should avoid companies with frequent complaints about hidden fees, poor service, unreliable cars, or any other factor.

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Final thoughts

Hiring a car can be an excellent option, especially when you have no need for a car in your everyday life.

What maternity pay can self-employed people get?

Working in a self-employed capacity has plenty of perks, but it does mean that you’ll miss out on certain benefits that employed people typically receive – such as paid holiday and sick leave. One of the main questions prospective parents have is whether they are entitled to any maternity pay if they get pregnant. Here’s what you need to know:
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