A Quick Guide to Running a Company Fleet

Running a fleet of company vehicles is a big job, but there are some things that you can do to make it easier…

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When it comes to making a profit, ultimately as a business this is your goal. One of the things that can eat into a company’s profit margin a lot is the inefficient use of company vehicles. As well as making sure that you have the best fuel cards and fuel card services for your fleet, it is a good idea to regularly review things like routes that your vehicles go on to see where you can make improvements and save on fuel.

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One of the most important parts of your fleet are the drivers themselves. You rely on them to be the face of your company as well as the fact that they can spot problems with the vehicles themselves. It is a good idea to have regular training sessions with your drivers, to keep them up to date with things that may have changed, or to keep them fresh when it comes to their job roles and best driving practices.


Organisation is also key when you are running a fleet and one of the most important things that you need to be able to do is to plan for the fact that some vehicles will sometimes be off the road. Making sure that you stagger the essential maintenance on vehicles is really important as it means you aren’t going to have days when you have no vehicles on the road and therefore cannot operate your business.

How to Be Healthy at the Office

Whether you are working from home or back in the office, you may need to make sure that you are keeping yourself well whilst doing office work. Although it isn’t a typically high-risk job like stunt pilot or lion tamer, working in an office can have a significant detrimental effect on your long-term health if you aren’t careful to avoid it.

Here are some things that you can do to ensure that you are keeping healthy whilst at work…

Eat Well – Whilst sat at a desk it can be tempting to enjoy sugary snacks, but this is no good for teeth or for your energy levels. You may get an instant rush of sugar but this wont last long! Try swapping snacks with lots of sugar for things like carrot sticks or bananas.

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Take Care of your Back -Sitting at a desk all day can lead to posture problems and pain that you may need to visit a professional like this physio Monmouth based company to put right. It is important to make sure that your posture is good as well as taking regular breaks to walk around the room.

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Keep Hydrated – One of the biggest causes of tiredness at work as well as headaches is dehydration. Even being a little dehydrated can cause health problems so keep a water bottle on your desk at all times. You could even use one that infuses fruit into the water for a bit of extra taste.

What You Need to Kit Out a Shop

Whether you are starting your own business or you just want to change the look of your existing store, you will find that one thing that you will need to stock up on is shelving units. This is because, although these units can be bought in different shapes and sizes, they do tend to be fairly expensive. Therefore, if you want to avoid having to make repeated trips to your local store then you need to find out what you need to kit out a shop with shelving units. This Ireland Shelving company are the perfect people to contact for products and advice.

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The first thing that you will need to kit out a shop with shelving units is the actual shelving that you want to use. If you want to use wood shelving then you will need to ensure that you have enough space in your retail unit for it.. Therefore, if you want to avoid this then you will need to take your time when selecting the shelving.

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If you want to buy cheap shelves then you will not be able to find any decent quality at all but this does not mean that you have to be content with anything that you get. If you want to avoid buying poor quality shelving then you will need to spend some time reading reviews and comparing prices. In order to do this properly you will need to search for all the various types of shelving and then select a few that you think are the best. It is always advisable to do this with a view to comparing prices rather than simply choosing shelving that costs less.

What are composites and why are they replacing traditional materials?

Composites are stronger and longer-lasting than other materials, such as steel, and have the added advantage of being resistant and largely immune to weather damage and chemicals. Composites are used in applications such as panels, frames, bridges, buildings, hulls of boats, storage tanks, marble worktops, racing car bodies and showers.

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In recent years, we have witnessed a shift away from traditional materials such as aluminium and granite and it is thanks to composites’ strength that they are gaining such popularity. Amongst the industries using composites are aerospace; energy; automotive, where the desire is to make vehicles lighter and more fuel-efficient; architecture; infrastructure; marine; military; and leisure and recreation.

Cost-effective and easier to produce

Composite materials are lighter; as a result, they are more cost-effective. Their low electrical conductivity gives them the added bonus of having a lower fire risk, so companies prefer to opt for composites as they are reasonably safe. They also have thermal properties and are often used to insulate certain components. Their versatility is also attractive and they are compatible with various coatings and adhesives. They also degrade much less than traditional materials.

Companies such as https://www.poeton.co.uk/advanced-treatments/apticote-480-advanced-nickel-composite/ offer high-quality nickel composites for operational purposes. With a track record of expertise in the industry, such specialists will have surface treatments to suit your every requirement.

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According to Composites World, composites researchers at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre are currently developing self-responsive aerospace composites with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and aviation production costs.

Composites are resistant to damage through chemicals

Although composites can corrode if they are bonded to metal parts, they don’t go rusty and they keep their shape. Traditional materials can bring about unwanted warping or swelling if the temperature rises, which is one of the many reasons that manufacturers opt for composites. Another advantage to composites is that they tend not to sustain damage through chemicals. Composites can also be moulded into more challenging shapes and are therefore versatile, serving many purposes that cannot be achieved using traditional materials. These are just some of the reasons why manufacturers often choose composites over traditional materials.

Major producers such as Airbus and Boeing have demonstrated the need for large composites in aviation, while NASA always seeks out composites for innovative solutions for its space rockets. It is less effort working with composites because the various parts can be custom-made to ensure strength is embedded in particular areas. A composite part can be created to resist bending in one direction, which is a good example of directing the strength to a specific part of the design.

Composites are strong and resistant to wear and fatigue, which is another appealing aspect. Their strength is particularly important in infrastructure; for example, composites can withstand repeated loads, which is essential when it comes to infrastructure such as bridges. The hard-wearing element is essential and composites have been shown to withstand inclement weather.

Signs of Type 2 Diabetes and How to Manage it

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in the UK and there are many people that are living with this illness. In fact, it is estimated that around 90% of all people who have diabetes have type 2 diabetes!

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A lot of research is being done into this illness to try to find ways of treating it more effectively – visit Trials 4 us paid clinical trials to find out more about this and other research projects. Type 2 diabetes differs from type 1 diabetes as it is not necessary to inject insulin as it is with type 1 – but it should be carefully managed as it can develop into type 1 diabetes and cause other problems if it is not kept an eye on.


There are a few common symptoms of type 2 diabetes – if you are feeling more thirsty than usual, need to urinate more frequently and are finding you are feeling very tired, then it is definitely worth making an appointment with your doctor.


As well as being regularly checked by medical professionals if you have type 2 diabetes there are changes that you can make to your lifestyle that will help to keep it under control.


These include maintaining a healthy weight, or losing weight if you are overweight, exercising regularly, and monitoring your blood sugar levels.

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Some foods are better too – include high fibre foods – vegetables and whole grain foods and eating smaller regular portions of healthy foods is also a good way to manage it.

Improving Morale in Your Workplace With Commercial Cleaning Services

Employee morale relates to an employee’s satisfaction, attitude, and overall feelings of well being while in the workplace. When the morale of employees is low, it can have a significant impact on workplace performance and is usually evidenced by a negative view of the company by employees. It can also have a direct impact on workplace productivity and is most commonly experienced as a whole group or on an individual basis. Low morale can deter people from participating in work-related tasks and it can also result in a decrease in company profitability.

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In the business world, higher productivity is crucial for success. If workers are not motivated enough to perform their duties, then the productivity of the entire company will suffer. One way to avoid this problem is to ensure that you have a clean office space.

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Clean rooms and a hygienic work environment can make a great difference to an organisation by improving morale. This is because by having clean rooms, employees will feel more motivated to perform their tasks, which results in increased productivity. This is where a Contract Cleaning Cheltenham company can help out by providing regular cleans for your office or commercial building.

By maintaining cleanliness in your office environment and ensuring good employee morale, you will help maintain an environment where your employees can successfully complete all of their tasks with minimal stress and this in turn will have a positive effect on your staff morale and profits.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach?

The first and most obvious benefit is that you will have a guide or mentor who will act as a coach, giving you the confidence and motivation you need in order to succeed. There is no doubt that many businesses fail because they have no one to bounce ideas off of and keep their attitude positive. Having a business coach can help fix this problem because he or she will help you analyze your situation, look for solutions, and build strategies in order to ensure your success. For Business Coaching, visit Randall and Payne Business Coaching

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Another benefit to hiring a business coach is that it can be very inexpensive. While it is true that you may initially have to pay for this service, in most cases you will save money on the long run by using this service instead of paying monthly fees for business consulting services or in-house employees. Business coaches usually work independently and for themselves, so there is no reason to believe that you have to pay exorbitant fees for their time, especially if you already employ a handful of businesspeople.

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The third most important benefit to hiring a business coach is that it will put your business in the best light possible. With an unbiased point of view, your business coach will be able to see both the good and bad aspects of your business and help you find the right path for success. This type of advice could be invaluable if your business involves contracting out work, as it can prove invaluable when it comes to finding qualified professionals and building up a crew of professionals in your area.

The many benefits of relining your drains

Pipeline resurfacing is the best way to rehabilitate worn-out waterways at home. This procedure allows you to repair pipes without having to dig out old pipes. This saves you from expensive and time-consuming procedures such as digging up old or broken pipes. Relining uses epoxy resin pipes. These are installed in the existing sewer and allowed to heal the existing broken pipe. Resin pipes must be suitable for the size and route of the old channel for rehabilitation to be effective. After this is done, this procedure increases the flow of water through the piping system. Pipeline resurfacing has several benefits.

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Minimal Landscape Disruption

When you have to dig a water channel to repair the affected part, it causes a huge upheaval in the landscape. Plants that may have aged and developed will be destroyed. Ground covers that are installed such as terrace steps, concrete and other materials must be removed, all needing to be replaced after the repair is complete. It can often take sometime before the ground surface fully recovers. All of this adds to financial burden. Relining means far less disruption occurs to the surface. This is a convenient way of rehabilitation that helps keep your home in good condition. For more information on Drain Lining, visit https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/

Cost effective

Relining will save you a significant amount of money.  It also requires less labour as the pipes do not have to be lifted from the ground. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace material that is damaged during excavation. Upheavals in previously developed areas can be expensive businesses. Restoration of disturbed natural cover also adds to overall costs. Given the time needed to grow up, you will be better off if you are replacing broken pipes at home rather than digging.

Turn around quickly

Much less time is needed to replace the pipe than it would if you dug and repaired. Relining also allows you to rehabilitate pipes in hard-to-reach areas more quickly. Fast turnaround time helps reduce installation costs. It also helps restore the environment to its original shape more quickly.

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Add Endurance

Adding epoxy resin pipes to the old pipes strengthened the piping system. This is because you end up with two pipes in one unit. This also eliminates weak points and connections in the piping system. This provides a higher efficacy piping system.


When land surface is disturbed, it poses a risk to the population. Trenches, holes and piles of debris can easily cause accidents. Movement around the area becomes difficult. Children and pets are very vulnerable. A better choice is to use drain lining services to maintain a safer environment.

Add Value to Your Home

The drainage system is one of the main focus points during home inspections. A well-designed system guarantees high efficiency in drainage services. Relining strengthens existing systems which increase drainage efficacy. This is a boost for home values.

Are young people driving less?

Anyone over the age of 30 can remember how turning 17 was a major deal. It meant driving lessons could begin in earnest. Driving meant freedom and adventure. We had all grown up watching Hollywood movies about road trips, coming of age and adrenaline-fuelled excitement. Many youngsters couldn’t wait to get their hands on a steering wheel, turn up the music and drive off into the sunset. Driving can still give us that frisson of excitement whenever we get behind the wheel, despite the ever-growing congestion and tailbacks.

To avoid this two-wheeled freedom, many worked part-time or even full-time jobs, scrimping and saving for their first second-hand or even third-hand motor. The fact that it was an old banger didn’t matter so much as the fact that it was a car!

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Sadly, those days seem to over. The current generation of youngsters don’t seem to have the same love affair with the car as the ones who preceded them. A recent report from the Department for Transport states that the numbers of new drivers has significantly declined over the last two decades. Back in the early 90s, almost 50% of 17-20 year olds were driving. The figure is now more like 29%.

Various reasons are cited for this decline, among them financial pressures, increasing motoring costs, no reason to grow up as quickly and of course, the rise of the digital world. Why would you need to escape in a vehicle now when you can escape into a world of virtual reality and online gaming? Of course, for the 29% who are motoring, learning the basic skills of car maintenance is just as important so you can pass your MOT without too much stress each year. For a Gloucester MOT, visit http://swiftfit.uk.com/gloucester-mot/

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Whilst financial hardship is totally understandable, we have had a recession and Brexit and the re-introduction of university tuition fees, it does seem a shame that a certain wanderlust has been lost. Learning to drive used to be empowering, a rite of passage and a chance to be independent for the first time. No more relying on lifts from parents or standing at bus stops in the rain.

Looking on the positive side, the less drivers there are, the less air pollution there will be. Air pollution is a huge problem and one that will be eased by less cars on the road and the introduction of more electric vehicles. However, to encourage youngsters to learn the skill of driving is still important and here we might need to get imaginative. Even if they don’t own a car, they could hire one when the need arose. Groups of young people could club together to buy an eco-friendly vehicle, car share it and spread the cost.

Why are shamrocks so important in Irish culture

What is a shamrock, and why are they considered such a cool decoration? A shamrock (or stamrock) is typically a green sprig of clove. Its name comes from the Irish which is loosely translated as green clove or small clove. Although the plant looks very similar to the traditional four-leaf clover, the shamrock differs in that the flower has only four leaves, compared to the five-leaf clover. You’ll see plenty of them on ST Patrick’s Day Gifts like those from https://www.shamrockgift.com/st-patricks-day.

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Although they look alike, shamrocks and four leaf clovers have some distinct differences. Shamrocks do not have true leaves, but rather they have “sums” or spaces between each leaf. This means that a shamrock will appear to have four leaves when it has only three. Additionally, there is no stem to the plant; instead, a stem extends up from the leaves. In order to harvest a clove of shamrock, simply snip off one of its leaves.

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What is a shamrock associated with? A shamrock has been used for centuries as a symbol of luck and fortune. This is particularly true during the Irish calendar years when such a holiday is celebrated. For example, St. Patrick’s Day is when the green shamrock, known as the “St. Paddy’s Day shamrock,” is most widely given to commemorate the day when an Irish child is born. It forms the basis of a myth around the Patron Saint that he used it to explain the highly complicated Holy Trinity.

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