Live Stream: A Little Exploring Path to Content Marketing

Live streaming, from its beginnings as a platform of world service, has reached high popularity. Just watch some streaming programs to realize they have thousands of followers. 

How many business managers or marketing managers have observed this platform as an opportunity to spread content to their target audience? It is believed that this tool should only be used by large companies, gamers or bloggers.

Live Stream A Little Exploring Path to Content MarketingWhy does this happen?

It is not necessary to be a great brand to have something to say. All companies can communicate their ideals, their culture, their products and services. It is believed that small businesses have unattractive content. It is a misconception because what is immediately thought about them is that they only have content based on the service or the product itself. They forget that content can be generated taking into account the history of the company, the interaction with the clients, the organizational culture and its own intangible benefits.

It is natural that there is a fear of generating quality content and even fear of receiving comments against it. It is part of the opening that happens to be on the internet; However companies still do not know how to deal with it, because long ago, traditional communication was unidirectional.

Another reason why companies are reluctant to this, is that visual content is much more complex to perform than an article or image. But that difficulty is both a benefit. The live stream has a visual and information richness that the public will appreciate. Remember that we are in a visual era and what better content than the audiovisual.

Is Live Stream profitable?

The finance department can see with evil eyes investing in a live stream. This is the test of rigor where many people remain silent. How do we measure return on investment? How do I know if my company will win a live stream?

First, clear, achievable and real objectives must be set. On this basis of objectives we can measure the growth and improvement of our programs. For example, if through live stream we want to increase leads by asking viewers to fill out a subscription form, we will quantify how much influence our programs have.

Do not forget that through the programs will also generate presence of the brand and that will reflect in the long term in the preference of the consumer over other options.

To take into account

If you still do not understand why use live stream for your content marketing. I leave you some benefits:

  • It reaches hundreds of users simultaneously.
  • The consumer assimilates the visual content in a fast and better way.
  • It is affordable if we compare cost – benefit.
  • The live stream services allow your programs to be visible in any technological device (laptop, Smartphone, among others).
  • Ability to link your program through the social networks. This will generate more communication and more presence in them.
  • Creative freedom to do what you want with the program: Sweepstakes, contests, events, product displays, etc.

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