Marketing is no longer for the brave

In my view, the Internet has revolutionized the opportunities that a company has in creating and placing its products within the reach of consumers. It has also put the fundamentals of traditional marketing back on the back end by providing tools to professionals in this field, which allow them to undoubtedly address the definition of strategies aimed at success with greater guarantees.

The era in which marketing was simply advertising and where the opinion – sometimes correct and sometimes not so – of the leaders and pseudo-gurus of traditional marketing prevailed. This is why marketing is no longer brave, since the internet brings a new concept of marketing, where the data, from the perspective of analytics, are a fundamental element when piloting any project linked to an environment online and, therefore, essential when developing any multimedia strategy.

This same analytical vision transcends the rest of the actions of the marketing mix, being the responsibility of the marketing director to estimate, measure and project any action from the first minute of life. I still remember when the Internet was not even much less what it is today and less in a sector as traditional as construction. I also remember how marketing plans were made, the investments of which were practically based on existing friendships with the companies that owned the advertising media and on which there was no control or analysis of the results of those campaigns.

Taking a phrase from the great Nacho Carnés: “On the internet, almost everything is measurable and it is the obligation of the marketing manager to measure and analyze the data sent by each and every one of the marketing actions in order to make decisions.” This seems obvious was, without a doubt, a utopia in the last decade.

At present, I do not conceive of any business that can be projected without being linked to a web environment and, therefore, companies of yesterday, today and tomorrow need, necessarily, to have professionals trained in the no longer so bisoñas “new technologies” . It is necessary to understand as soon as possible that it is the people who make the projects pass without pain or glory by the business fabric of a country and those that, on the contrary, can promote small projects, turning them into success cases. Betting on the quality of human resources must be a priority for any project that wants to be among the great. I would even say that I simply want to be.

This year, it has served to reaffirm my vision of marketing in a changing environment. And this, thanks to my passing through Kschool, a professional school and for professionals in which I have been able to discover other points of view on things that I took for granted. And, thus, to reaffirm some theories, as well as to find new ways and essential tools for any online project. For all this, the future must be for the professionals of this new marketing that tune with the business objectives.

A marketing, in which method and procedures have to be fundamental and in which every strategy has to be backed by a series of data that make decision making an empirically demonstrated event based on a whole amalgam of analytical reports . And a marketing that banishes the brave of the profession, because they will achieve great successes that will rise to the altars of the profession, but also again fall, again and again, the same mistakes by their lack of method. New marketing professionals, on the other hand, will err, learn from their mistake, and lay the foundations for making that mistake a small success.

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