The road to Social SEO: An evolution without return

We live in a moment in which social networks are in full swing, and any company that boasts, needs to have social profiles to make a successful strategy.

Another very important element, which has always been given relevance has been to appear in the top positions of the search engines, since, generally, we usually do not pass the first two pages of Google, so companies have always worked hard in hiring technical experts in web positioning to try to get their websites appear in the top positions and thus be much more visible to Internet users.

But the great avalanche of Social Media has caused Google, one of the highest authorities in web positioning, to continuously modify its way of rating the quality of websites, taking into account as one of the factors to consider Social Networks.

Increasingly, social networks are gaining weight in the web positioning, since the content created by the users themselves and that is disseminated through this channel, greatly improves our positioning using the necessary tools, but, on the other hand, eliminates the possibility to completely fill the body of a post with pure keywords or links so that the search engines index it properly.

Now the interaction with other users is necessary to have a good SEO, as shown by a study conducted by the company TastyPlacement, whose results claim that getting our community to interact with us in Social Networks raises our SEO.

Thus, the simple fact that our followers or fans click on the “Like” or “+1” buttons makes searching our sites appear in better positions in the different search engines.

If we think about it, it is very logical: the two points is based on interaction, it is the essence of Social Media, and, just like in real life, we are more popular, for better or for worse, the more they talk about us , and a “Like” or a “+1” is neither more nor less than a way of telling another user that there is a certain publication that we like.

Social SEO also benefits our brand image, since it gives us greater visibility and makes us strive to produce higher quality content, since, for example, when we connect through Google (in any of its forms) ) and we do a search, the positioning of our website is based on “recommendations” or rather, on the popularity of users.

In conclusion, it should be said that the way, the evolution of SEO to social SEO is determined by the need to unify tactical techniques with social media and communication with our users to be just that, Social.

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