Mobile marketing, content marketing and visual marketing, trends that grow unstoppable

The Internet is already present, before our eyes presents a very dynamic environment, where it is necessary to keep your eyes wide open, as if a Formula 1 race were, “if you blink, you miss it.” To find the latest trends and know where to allocate more resources, here are some of the main conclusions on the state of the internet, drawn from the intervention of Mary Meeker, KPCB in D11 Conference.

Mobile marketing, content marketing and visual marketing, trends that grow unstoppableMobile gains prominence among users worldwide

It accounts for 15% of global internet traffic, and is expected to reach 25% this year. The number of mobile searches has already been equated with that of the computer and it is expected that in 2015 the number of users accessing the internet through the mobile in the United States will be greater than that of pc users, according to Dot Com Infoway.

The investment in mobile advertising is not in line with the use of these devices by consumers

The mobile occupies 12% of our time, in contrast, collects only 3% of the advertising investment. For its part, print advertising takes 23% of the budget, when users only spend 6% of their time.

We are in full revolution of content as a revulsive in the communication of marks

The volume of information published on the Internet has multiplied by 9 in the last 5 years, and is expected to quadruple in 2015. The latest study from MailOnline confirms that brands are committed to content marketing. 3 out of 4 companies include it in their online communication strategy; In addition, 69% want to increase their investment in this area in the coming years.

The great power of the image as a viralizable element and activator of the strategy of contents

Visual marketing based on the power of images continues to grow unstoppable. More than 500 million photos are published daily, of which Facebook records approximately 300 million. A holding that has experienced a considerable increase in the last 5 years. Not in vain, the image is the main element when it comes to generating interactions on Facebook.

Audiovisual content now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic

Every minute you upload to YouTube about 100 million hours of video. For some reason it is the second largest search engine in the world, with more than 150 million unique visits per month. 87% of companies already include it within their content strategy.

Google reaffirms its social network

The Global Web Index confirmed it at the beginning of the year as 2nd social network, in order of importance and has verified this fact in its second wave. This is causing companies to direct their attention, and is already part of the poker of aces of their strategy of Social Media, along with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Internet is already “worn”, and more and more

We are facing a new cycle of internet, where technology accompanies us wherever we go. And not just the smartphone or the tablet, but other more advanced devices, and integrable, such as Google Glass, smart clothes or the thousand and one possibilities presented by flexible screens.

Technology companies succeed in the market

The latest ranking Millward Brown BrandZ 100 shows that the 3 most valuable brands in the world belong to this sector, as is the case Apple, which leads the Ranking, followed by Google and IBM. In U.S.A. It is an important source of employment. 5 major companies in this area (Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Qualcomm) have 10,000 jobs.

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