Politics and Corruption: The Mission Impossible for a Community Manager

We have talked a lot about reputation crises. Fires caused by different causes or origins that result in a real uncontrollable chaos in social networks and that no professional community manager can claim to control. It is not wrong to remember that at times, reputation crises are impossible to tackle even with all the necessary resources and a good plan of action and response to them.

The most obvious proof of this scenario a real crisis that, as we have seen, has had its repercussion not only in traditional media but also in social media and social networks where millions of users have expressed their harshest criticism and opinions even with massive actions directed at those responsible Through their respective social profiles.

So we could verify it just a few days ago, when netizens filled the official website of the PP on Facebook with virtual “envelopes” in their comments. Undoubtedly a bad day for the work of the Community Manager whose mission was impossible before such an avalanche of comments and messages in relation to this delicate matter. And the truth is, not even a legion of social media professionals could stop such a hurricane of impressions and harsh criticism. No action or reaction, nor the most advanced monitoring tool to put something order or analyze what the foci of information are. It’s almost easier to sit idly by and wait. But why should a community manager take this position in such a situation?

The first reason is obvious. The cause. And if, after the cause and its origin, the brand, company or agency does not offer a satisfactory answer or solution, the effect of the crisis remains in force, prolongs in time and is fed back. And of course, when the general perception is that it continues to act as lack of transparency or weighed down by the systematic non-compliance of all promises, trust and credibility disappear. !They do not exist!.

The professional then moves from “expert community manager” to “poor community manager” and God help him. His work does not make sense, his answers are not effective and the situation and the chaos in social media becomes a true sequel of mission impossible that even Tom Cruise himself would refuse to star.

No manual or decalogue of Social Media teaches us an exact science that can be really useful in the face of major crises related to politics and corruption. Mainly and mainly because our politicians only use social networks for partisan purposes, and Marketing and communication are only part of the strategy used to make their false promises convincing and credible. Therefore, the figure of the Community Manager becomes a slave defender of deception who can do little to avoid tackling the fronts that catch on fire. Which has already led us to consider certain thoughts in this regard. Do online Reputation crises have no solution when they mix politics and social networks?

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