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Brexit – The Best or Worst Decision?

One of the most divisive things to happen in the UK in the last decade – something that will go down in history as the best or the worst big decision made by the UK (depending on which side you are on) is Brexit.

With many public figures and politicians taking a side and arguing their point vehemently, the decision to leave the EU was huge news, and changed the way that the UK would go forward, breaking apart from Europe and going it alone.

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The weeks in the lead up to Britain were unusual and often fraught – with bizarre scenes such as Bob Geldof chasing Nigel Farage on a boat down the Thames, to the now infamous Brexit bus, touring the country offering the princely sum of 350 million pounds to go to funding the National Health Service.

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This frenzy of activity and high feelings and strong opinions boiled over when the MP Jo Cox, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was killed by an ardent Brexit supporter, shocking a nation that was seemingly in the grip of a civil war.

As the day of the referendum arrived, the stock markets at least seemed confident that the result would swing in favour of remain – however, by a small margin, it was in fact leave that took the highest share of the votes, starting a series of events that saw Britain start making plans to leave the EU.

The former advisor to Tony Blair, and mental health campaigner, Alastair Campbell, is someone who was passionately against the decision – the Editor for the New European he has made no secret of the fact that he believes Brexit to be the worst decision made in his lifetime by the UK.

In June 2023, we will be seven years on from that deciding day, and with both remain and leave sides still divided, it looks like it is still something that stirs up some strong feelings.

How Steel Has Shaped the Way that We Live

Steel is one of the most valuable materials that we have when it comes to building. Since the use of steel in buildings, it has allowed us to construct buildings that range from normal suburban homes to towering buildings that make up a city skyline.

The industrial revolution saw steel really come into its own, and in the wake of this then came some huge construction projects that you can still find all over the UK today dating back to this era – a testament to the strength of steel. From the Clifton Suspension bridge in Bristol to the London Underground. Steel was something that was a big part of the Industrial revolution, changing not only how we built things, but also how we lived.

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In order to get steel to do the job that we want it for however, it needs to be the correct shape and size to be used in the first place, as well as the fact that we need to be able to join it up to other parts in order to construct something useful.

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The methods of doing this have changed over the years, however some have not changed so much. Machines like bending machines have become more modern of course and many machines now can do a lot of the hard work for us as well as being able to be programmed by a computer in order to manufacture steel shapes quickly and efficiently.

As well as the processes for making the steel shapes, the use of steel has grown over the years too. As more and more inventions have come about, so has the demand for new types of steel and steel alloys as well as machines that can do things for us.

This is not unique to the UK – one of the best places to go if you really want to see how big an effect steel had on the building and forming of cities is of course Manhattan. Many of the buildings there are built from immense steel girders, and amongst them, some of the best-known world-famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building and of course the Chrysler building.

Why it is Important to Reuse Polystyrene

Although polystyrene is both recyclable and reusable, it is rarely recycled. Instead, it is disposed of in landfills, where it can remain for hundreds of years. This means that we are not maximising the material’s value throughout its lifecycle. Last year, around 14.6 million tonnes of polystyrene was disposed of in landfills. This waste contains micro-particles that can end up in waterways and aquatic environments. Get on board with Polystyrene Recycling by visiting a site like

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Recycling polystyrene is an important way to reduce its environmental impact. Recycling it will not only prevent pollution, but it will also save the cost of making new consumer products. Each tonne of EPS recycled will prevent the emission of 2 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. This amount is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide filtered by 40 trees in a year. Additionally, reusing polystyrene will generate an additional source of income for waste generators.

Another method of recycling polystyrene is through the process of catalysis. This process utilises ultraviolet light and a chemical catalyst to convert the polystyrene to a useful chemical, called diphenylmethane. This chemical is used for many purposes, including as a polymer manufacturing precursor and drug development. Additionally, it can also be used to create fragrances for consumer products.

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Polystyrene is a common chemical in household waste, but the chemicals that it contains are harmful to the environment. Once it enters the environment, it can cause air pollution and pollute water. Furthermore, it can get into food and enter the body. Therefore, it is essential to recycle and reuse polystyrene.


Important Things to Have When Working From Home

When working from home, you’ll want to establish some ground rules. Try not to be interrupted by family members or friends, and take regular breaks. If possible, lock the computer when you’re done with work and take a walk or do some yoga. This way, you’ll be sure to give yourself time to recharge.

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While some people love solitude, it can become claustrophobic after a few weeks. If you’re an extrovert, you may find working alone all day lonely and will want to schedule some social time to maintain healthy relationships. Working from home has become more common in recent years, and it’s possible with increased technology, lower overhead costs, and the impact of the recent global pandemic.

Your home office should be organised and decluttered. Don’t treat it like your personal space. It’s important to separate work from home, so make sure you have a computer that’s dedicated to working. Also, make sure your home computer isn’t in the same room as your other devices. You might also need to upgrade your home broadband. Find out more by visiting Vodafone Longford at

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While working from home can give you a great deal of flexibility, it’s important to remember to set aside time for sleep. A healthy sleeping schedule is essential for productivity and keeping your mind clear. Don’t oversleep or wake up too early. Keeping the right schedule and setting realistic expectations can help you avoid getting into a rut. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest, and don’t allow yourself to get distracted by your kids, pets, and the clutter of your home.


How to Cope During a Heatwave

If you have to stay indoors during a heatwave, there are a few simple things you can do to make it more bearable. Close windows, if possible during the hottest parts of the day and open them in the evening to allow cooler air to circulate. The daytime temperature is generally higher, so allowing hot air to circulate will make your home feel stuffy. Also, wear light-coloured clothing and preferable cotton or linen.

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Stay hydrated – In the scorching heat, it is still essential to drink plenty of water. Stay away from caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Instead, drink water regularly and take plenty of breaks in shade. You can also replace the electrolytes you’ve lost through sweat by eating light meals and snacks throughout the day. You can also drink more water if you’re taking medications or have a medical condition.

Make your home as cool as possible – Install air conditioners in your home, and use them to cool your home if you have them.For more information on Air conditioning Gloucester, visit a site like Ace Comfort Cooling

If you don’t have air conditioning, desk and standing fans will provide some cooling relief. If the weather conditions are unbearable, you should stay indoors and drink plenty of water. If you do need to go out, wear a sunhat and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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Avoid the extreme heat – Staying indoors or seeking shade will help you to keep cool and avoid becoming sick during the hottest parts of the day which are normally 11am until 3pm. However, extreme heat can be particularly dangerous for the elderly and young. People with certain medical conditions are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illnesses, so it’s advisable to make arrangements for safe, cool places and activities. And don’t forget to check on your family and neighbours! It’s also a good idea to learn about the dangers of heat and how to avoid them.

If your house isn’t air-conditioned, you can keep your windows open during the night and get some fresh air circulating. In case of an extreme heatwave, it is wise to get air conditioning in your home. You’ll be glad you did.

Keep yourself hydrated. If you’re not thirsty, drink water anyway. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, dehydration can bring all sorts of symptoms, the least of which being a headache. Besides water, you should always wear light, breathable clothing and avoid doing any strenuous activity outside. The sun can cause heat stroke quickly, so stay inside a cool building.

Six clever hacks to make your ceiling appear higher

Everybody loves a large room that has plenty of space,and if you have recently bought a home for this reason through the support of conveyancing solicitors Maidstone Sam Conveyancing then you will want to make the most of this.

If you feel like your home is not as spacious as you would like it to be, you may be settling for lower ceilings and a narrower room. Using the right tricks, you can make your ceilings appear higher, making your living space more open and inviting. Take a look at these six tips to make your ceiling appear higher.

Choose The Colour Carefully

Ceilings painted in light shades appear to have more height. White, cream and pastel colours are best for lower ceilings as they reflect the light, making the ceiling look like it’s further away.

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Rely On Your Lighting

If you have low ceilings, steer clear of pendulum lights or lamps and focus on wall lights instead. Wall lights illuminate the entire wall and ceilings, making them appear higher than they actually are.

Choose The Right Furniture

A room can seem higher if you select the right furniture. Stay away from bulky pieces and finish your room with simple, airy pieces of furniture, keeping it as minimal as possible. To add an extra touch of glamour to your room, take a look at ceiling roses. Having ceiling roses adds a classic touch to any ceiling.

Optimise The Wall Design

Paint your walls a brighter colour to make the ceiling appear higher. You may even want to opt for vertical stripes of colour that will make the entire space seem taller. There are a lot of design tricks for walls to make the room appear larger and taller.

Add Curtains For Extra Height

The right curtains can make your windows seem a lot larger and make the ceiling look higher. To enhance that feeling of height, opt for floor-length curtains and hang them as high as possible. You can also have sheer curtains to let in more natural light and add to the space in the room.

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Accessories For Finishing Touches

There are a lot of other accessories beyond curtains that can make a room appear taller. Mirrors are great for adding to an open and bright effect. Even picture frames and art hung in the right place can help you with the space.

When you should consult with a Brand Strategy Agency.

Brand strategy agencies work with businesses at varying stages of their development. This could be soon after launch, at the point when the business is looking to grow further or when a new product or initiative is being developed. It is important to make sure that you have an idea of the goals and objectives you have for your business so you can share these with your chosen agency so they can help you in achieving these.

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Once you have established your concept of your new program or initiative, it’s time to hire a strong branding specialist to guide you through the implementation. The branding specialist should be well versed in your field and able to bring you insight into how you can reach and maintain your ideal customer. In addition to your branding, the agency should help you with your execution. They are a partner in your success, because they are the voice and face of your agency. Their goal is to ensure that your concept is communicated clearly and your brand strategy is executed correctly and in an organised way.

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If you’re ready to make your next marketing investment, it pays to consult with an experienced creative branding agency such as Really Helpful Marketing. It’s a collaborative process that helps create brand awareness and a productive strategy for your company. Before making any commitments, evaluate your company and conduct market research.

The many benefits of relining your drains

Pipeline resurfacing is the best way to rehabilitate worn-out waterways at home. This procedure allows you to repair pipes without having to dig out old pipes. This saves you from expensive and time-consuming procedures such as digging up old or broken pipes. Relining uses epoxy resin pipes. These are installed in the existing sewer and allowed to heal the existing broken pipe. Resin pipes must be suitable for the size and route of the old channel for rehabilitation to be effective. After this is done, this procedure increases the flow of water through the piping system. Pipeline resurfacing has several benefits.

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Minimal Landscape Disruption

When you have to dig a water channel to repair the affected part, it causes a huge upheaval in the landscape. Plants that may have aged and developed will be destroyed. Ground covers that are installed such as terrace steps, concrete and other materials must be removed, all needing to be replaced after the repair is complete. It can often take sometime before the ground surface fully recovers. All of this adds to financial burden. Relining means far less disruption occurs to the surface. This is a convenient way of rehabilitation that helps keep your home in good condition. For more information on Drain Lining, visit

Cost effective

Relining will save you a significant amount of money.  It also requires less labour as the pipes do not have to be lifted from the ground. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace material that is damaged during excavation. Upheavals in previously developed areas can be expensive businesses. Restoration of disturbed natural cover also adds to overall costs. Given the time needed to grow up, you will be better off if you are replacing broken pipes at home rather than digging.

Turn around quickly

Much less time is needed to replace the pipe than it would if you dug and repaired. Relining also allows you to rehabilitate pipes in hard-to-reach areas more quickly. Fast turnaround time helps reduce installation costs. It also helps restore the environment to its original shape more quickly.

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Add Endurance

Adding epoxy resin pipes to the old pipes strengthened the piping system. This is because you end up with two pipes in one unit. This also eliminates weak points and connections in the piping system. This provides a higher efficacy piping system.


When land surface is disturbed, it poses a risk to the population. Trenches, holes and piles of debris can easily cause accidents. Movement around the area becomes difficult. Children and pets are very vulnerable. A better choice is to use drain lining services to maintain a safer environment.

Add Value to Your Home

The drainage system is one of the main focus points during home inspections. A well-designed system guarantees high efficiency in drainage services. Relining strengthens existing systems which increase drainage efficacy. This is a boost for home values.

Are young people driving less?

Anyone over the age of 30 can remember how turning 17 was a major deal. It meant driving lessons could begin in earnest. Driving meant freedom and adventure. We had all grown up watching Hollywood movies about road trips, coming of age and adrenaline-fuelled excitement. Many youngsters couldn’t wait to get their hands on a steering wheel, turn up the music and drive off into the sunset. Driving can still give us that frisson of excitement whenever we get behind the wheel, despite the ever-growing congestion and tailbacks.

To avoid this two-wheeled freedom, many worked part-time or even full-time jobs, scrimping and saving for their first second-hand or even third-hand motor. The fact that it was an old banger didn’t matter so much as the fact that it was a car!

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Sadly, those days seem to over. The current generation of youngsters don’t seem to have the same love affair with the car as the ones who preceded them. A recent report from the Department for Transport states that the numbers of new drivers has significantly declined over the last two decades. Back in the early 90s, almost 50% of 17-20 year olds were driving. The figure is now more like 29%.

Various reasons are cited for this decline, among them financial pressures, increasing motoring costs, no reason to grow up as quickly and of course, the rise of the digital world. Why would you need to escape in a vehicle now when you can escape into a world of virtual reality and online gaming? Of course, for the 29% who are motoring, learning the basic skills of car maintenance is just as important so you can pass your MOT without too much stress each year. For a Gloucester MOT, visit

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Whilst financial hardship is totally understandable, we have had a recession and Brexit and the re-introduction of university tuition fees, it does seem a shame that a certain wanderlust has been lost. Learning to drive used to be empowering, a rite of passage and a chance to be independent for the first time. No more relying on lifts from parents or standing at bus stops in the rain.

Looking on the positive side, the less drivers there are, the less air pollution there will be. Air pollution is a huge problem and one that will be eased by less cars on the road and the introduction of more electric vehicles. However, to encourage youngsters to learn the skill of driving is still important and here we might need to get imaginative. Even if they don’t own a car, they could hire one when the need arose. Groups of young people could club together to buy an eco-friendly vehicle, car share it and spread the cost.

Beauty Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Wedding days are of course about the bride and groom but there are other family members on show too. After the bride, all eyes will be on the mother of the bride, so you’ll want to make sure you look almost as good as the bride if your daughter is getting married this summer. Here are some top tips if you’ll be doing your own make-up for the big day:

Primed to go

Using a primer is one of the top tips for smoothing out skin tones and helping make up to last longer during the day. You use a primer underneath foundation to smooth and firm up the skin. If you’ve been suffering from hot flushes, don’t apply any moisturiser on the big day, just apply some primer instead. Of course, if you want to splash out for such a special occasion, you might consider having a botox treatment to smooth out those lines and look amazing. For Botox Gloucester, visit


Planning a wedding can be stressful and if your skin isn’t quite as glowing and flawless as you’d like it to be, consider a lightweight foundation or face tint but avoid heavy foundation. Too heavy and you’ll simply accent any lines even more. Face tints are ideal for minimizing the look of fine lines. Apply a light concealer under your eyes, not too heavy or the delicate under skin will look older. For dark circles, concealers in a peach shade can help and still look natural.

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The Eyes have it

Eyes that look more youthful can be achieved by doing away with any beige or brown eyeshadow and using charcoal, navy, plum, deep green or lilacs. If these feel too bright or bold for you, combine a touch of charcoal with taupe or ivory. Don’t think you’re too old for shimmers either as these are a great way of livening up eyes.

To give your eyes a bit more definition in photographs, choose a black or bluey-black waterproof mascara and not brown. A few false lashes along the base of your lash line will make your lashes appear much fuller and still natural. Don’t forget to softly define your eyebrows too.

Be Cheeky

Dusty rose shades are more flattering for your cheeks, but the decision comes over what texture to use. Creams will give a dewy appearance while powders will provide a satin finish. Either choice will give you are brighter, more youthful appearance for your complexion. Remember that blusher shades in pastel can look too chalky and browns will make your face look more drawn.

Pucker Up

To stop lipstick from feathering into those fine lines around our lips, try a lip base before adding any colour. Use a lip liner to define your lips in a lip coloured pencil, not the lipstick colour. The good thing about doing this is that should your lipstick fade during the day, you won’t be left with an obvious outline. Avoid going too dark with your colour for fear of looking too hard but too beigey and you’ll appear to have no mouth in photos.