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Three Ways That you Can Add Value to Your Home

Looking after your property not only makes your home a pleasant place to live, but it also means that your property will increase in value. There are lots of things that you can do to your home that can raise the value of the property, whether you are thinking of selling soon, or you want a good return on your investment in the future. Continue reading Three Ways That you Can Add Value to Your Home

Making the most of the sun in Burnham-on-Sea, with its lovely location on Bridgewater Bay

Located on Bridgewater Bay at the mouth of the River Parrett is the popular Seaside resort of Burnham-on-Sea in the county of Somerset.  Together with its smaller neighbouring town of Highbridge, Burnham-on-Sea has a growing population of just over 19,000 local inhabitants. To make the most of the long hot summer days the residents are turning to reputable, experienced, professional companies such as who are specialist Solar Panel Installers Burnham to help them reduce their energy bills and make a positive difference to Global Warming and Climate Change. The sun pours its energy directly into their modern, technologically advanced Solar Panels and powers all the electrical appliances in their homes.  Any excess power is stored in specialist batteries and can be used at a later date when the weather turns colder. Continue reading Making the most of the sun in Burnham-on-Sea, with its lovely location on Bridgewater Bay

The affluent Regency Town of Cheltenham Spa

The affluent Regency Town of Cheltenham became known as a Spa resort in 1716 when natural Mineral waters were found in a Spring, that were said to be a cure for all ailments. The Pittville area of this beautiful town is probably the one that attracts the most visitors as there is a large Grade 2 listed Park there with stunning grounds, gardens and lakes as well as elegant Regency-style housing.  Pittville has lots to offer its local residents and tourists and a lot of wealth and power comes from the area. Continue reading The affluent Regency Town of Cheltenham Spa

Brexit – The Best or Worst Decision?

One of the most divisive things to happen in the UK in the last decade – something that will go down in history as the best or the worst big decision made by the UK (depending on which side you are on) is Brexit.

With many public figures and politicians taking a side and arguing their point vehemently, the decision to leave the EU was huge news, and changed the way that the UK would go forward, breaking apart from Europe and going it alone.

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The weeks in the lead up to Britain were unusual and often fraught – with bizarre scenes such as Bob Geldof chasing Nigel Farage on a boat down the Thames, to the now infamous Brexit bus, touring the country offering the princely sum of 350 million pounds to go to funding the National Health Service.

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This frenzy of activity and high feelings and strong opinions boiled over when the MP Jo Cox, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was killed by an ardent Brexit supporter, shocking a nation that was seemingly in the grip of a civil war.

As the day of the referendum arrived, the stock markets at least seemed confident that the result would swing in favour of remain – however, by a small margin, it was in fact leave that took the highest share of the votes, starting a series of events that saw Britain start making plans to leave the EU.

The former advisor to Tony Blair, and mental health campaigner, Alastair Campbell, is someone who was passionately against the decision – the Editor for the New European he has made no secret of the fact that he believes Brexit to be the worst decision made in his lifetime by the UK.

In June 2023, we will be seven years on from that deciding day, and with both remain and leave sides still divided, it looks like it is still something that stirs up some strong feelings.

How Steel Has Shaped the Way that We Live

Steel is one of the most valuable materials that we have when it comes to building. Since the use of steel in buildings, it has allowed us to construct buildings that range from normal suburban homes to towering buildings that make up a city skyline.

The industrial revolution saw steel really come into its own, and in the wake of this then came some huge construction projects that you can still find all over the UK today dating back to this era – a testament to the strength of steel. From the Clifton Suspension bridge in Bristol to the London Underground. Steel was something that was a big part of the Industrial revolution, changing not only how we built things, but also how we lived.

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In order to get steel to do the job that we want it for however, it needs to be the correct shape and size to be used in the first place, as well as the fact that we need to be able to join it up to other parts in order to construct something useful.

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The methods of doing this have changed over the years, however some have not changed so much. Machines like bending machines have become more modern of course and many machines now can do a lot of the hard work for us as well as being able to be programmed by a computer in order to manufacture steel shapes quickly and efficiently.

As well as the processes for making the steel shapes, the use of steel has grown over the years too. As more and more inventions have come about, so has the demand for new types of steel and steel alloys as well as machines that can do things for us.

This is not unique to the UK – one of the best places to go if you really want to see how big an effect steel had on the building and forming of cities is of course Manhattan. Many of the buildings there are built from immense steel girders, and amongst them, some of the best-known world-famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building and of course the Chrysler building.

Why it is Important to Reuse Polystyrene

Although polystyrene is both recyclable and reusable, it is rarely recycled. Instead, it is disposed of in landfills, where it can remain for hundreds of years. This means that we are not maximising the material’s value throughout its lifecycle. Last year, around 14.6 million tonnes of polystyrene was disposed of in landfills. This waste contains micro-particles that can end up in waterways and aquatic environments. Get on board with Polystyrene Recycling by visiting a site like

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Recycling polystyrene is an important way to reduce its environmental impact. Recycling it will not only prevent pollution, but it will also save the cost of making new consumer products. Each tonne of EPS recycled will prevent the emission of 2 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. This amount is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide filtered by 40 trees in a year. Additionally, reusing polystyrene will generate an additional source of income for waste generators.

Another method of recycling polystyrene is through the process of catalysis. This process utilises ultraviolet light and a chemical catalyst to convert the polystyrene to a useful chemical, called diphenylmethane. This chemical is used for many purposes, including as a polymer manufacturing precursor and drug development. Additionally, it can also be used to create fragrances for consumer products.

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Polystyrene is a common chemical in household waste, but the chemicals that it contains are harmful to the environment. Once it enters the environment, it can cause air pollution and pollute water. Furthermore, it can get into food and enter the body. Therefore, it is essential to recycle and reuse polystyrene.


Important Things to Have When Working From Home

When working from home, you’ll want to establish some ground rules. Try not to be interrupted by family members or friends, and take regular breaks. If possible, lock the computer when you’re done with work and take a walk or do some yoga. This way, you’ll be sure to give yourself time to recharge.

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While some people love solitude, it can become claustrophobic after a few weeks. If you’re an extrovert, you may find working alone all day lonely and will want to schedule some social time to maintain healthy relationships. Working from home has become more common in recent years, and it’s possible with increased technology, lower overhead costs, and the impact of the recent global pandemic.

Your home office should be organised and decluttered. Don’t treat it like your personal space. It’s important to separate work from home, so make sure you have a computer that’s dedicated to working. Also, make sure your home computer isn’t in the same room as your other devices. You might also need to upgrade your home broadband. Find out more by visiting Vodafone Longford at

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While working from home can give you a great deal of flexibility, it’s important to remember to set aside time for sleep. A healthy sleeping schedule is essential for productivity and keeping your mind clear. Don’t oversleep or wake up too early. Keeping the right schedule and setting realistic expectations can help you avoid getting into a rut. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest, and don’t allow yourself to get distracted by your kids, pets, and the clutter of your home.