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First Vans in the UK

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without the fleet of commercial vans on the UK roads. Given the recent situation that we have found ourselves in without the army of delivery drivers for online companies it’s hard to imagine what we would have done being unable to go out shopping. It’s become a regular sight to see a van, usually with a decent set of vehicle chevrons like those from Chapter 8 Chevrons, on its back doors.

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What were the first vans like? It soon became clear that there was a need for them. At the start of the twentieth century when the automobile was beginning to become more widespread, the days of the delivery boy on his bike were numbered. Using a van meant that more customers could be served quicker and to a wider area.

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In Britain the first producer of the commercial van was Star. This was a small producer in the Midlands. After they were taken over by the larger concern, Sunbeam, production began in earnest. They were even able to ship them abroad to Russia to help their War effort in the First World War. They were also converted to Ambulances for the Allied forces on the Western front where they were able to help save many lives.  Along with Morris Motors and Jensen the Midlands and the Black Country became the national centre of Van and commercial vehicle production that was to remain the case for the next 50 years before the British Car manufacturing industry began to contract.

The Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Known as the Emerald Isle, it is no surprise that there are so many great places to visit in Ireland. Known for its amazing natural beauty, stunning beaches and historic architecture, Ireland has much to offer visitors who come here from around the world. If you want to experience the true flavour of Ireland, you have to make your way to its incredible countryside. The charm and mystique of this untouched land of Ireland is something that you can only get by visiting it yourself and exploring what is within this spectacular area.

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You have the option of seeing the fantastic and picturesque Killarney. Located in the south west of Ireland, Killarney offers great shopping and dining, as well as beautiful landscapes that are filled with wildlife. Here, you will get the chance to view the spectacular views of Killarney and Ross Castle, as well as some of the best fishing that Ireland has to offer.

To complete your wonderful visit to Ireland, you should also take a trip to the ruggedly beautiful island of Aran. Known for the stunning landscapes and the engaging local culture, Aran is famed for its woollen sweaters. For souvenir Aran Sweaters, find a stylish Aran Sweater Range at Shamrock Gifts

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You might not think of Ireland as a country for beaches but if you’re keen to try some surfing, you’ll not be disappointed. Being exposed to the powerful North Atlantic provides ample opportunity and some stunning beaches with which to grab a board. All in all, from the north to the south, you will find a number of incredible places to visit in Ireland.


What happens during a BRC Audit

BRC is a food safety certification that businesses in the food and drinks industry use to show their commitment to following best practices within their sector. There are a number of standards that are covered within the certification and they look at everything from food safety plans through to the requirements for traded products.

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As well as offering certification a BRC Audit like the ones from hygienecheck are carried out to assess that a given company is following the food safety standards as set out by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

The Audit is undertaken by an accredited organisation like the one mentioned. They will take a full assessment of any food manufacturing that takes place, your entire facility and premises. The company will also look through all of your documents and records and they will look at the key areas that are mentioned in the BRC Standards to check for adherence.

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In order to ensure that this audit runs smoothly it is worth taking your business through a thorough self assessment so you can check for any gaps and rectify this. It is important that your senior management team are involved in this as much as possible as this is one area that is assessed during an audit.

You should also ensure that you have your documents and records in a readily available format so you can present these to the company carrying out your audit in order for them to go through them as efficiently as possible.

Places to Walk in Kent this Autumn

Kent is a great place to visit – it has something for everyone, whether you want to see the abundant historical parts of the county or whether you want a family day out at the beach – you will never be stuck for Things to do in Margate like this it really has everything. But as the holiday season comes to a close and autumn starts to creep in, the Kent countryside really comes into its own and puts on a spectacular seasonal display of autumn colour.

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If you want to get out and about in Kent and are looking for some stunning walks to take all this in, here are a few of the best places to go to…

Medway Valley – If you are up for a long walk over a weekend, this is perfect! At twenty eight miles long you can enjoy the market towns along the way, as well as the River Medway where you will have the chance to see the wildlife in this area of outstanding natural beauty. There are plenty of lovely places to stop overnight en-route, as well as riverside pubs and cafes in the towns to stop for lunch.

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Dungeness – Known as the only desert in Britain, this spectacular natural landscape is somewhere that you must see. Looking desolate and eerie, it is perfect for a Halloween walk, and includes abandoned boats dotting the landscape like skeletons and the looming form of Dungeness power station dominating the landscape.

Five things to consider when buying a wallet

There are several things to consider when buying a wallet. Today, many people use wallets to carry their valuables, from their banknotes to their ID cards and credit cards, so they are important for keeping everything organised and secure. You need a wallet that suits your requirements rather than you having to adapt to your wallet.

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Despite the functionality, organisation and security that wallets provide, they are also a fashion statement. Let’s take a look at five important considerations:

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What design are you looking for? Wallets often come as tri-fold or bi-fold, usually with different compartments for your cards, banknotes and receipts. Tri-fold wallets are usually bigger than the bi-fold, with more space due to their additional flap; however, there are some less bulky trifold wallets, such as the black Secrid wallet from a stockist such as EJ Menswear. The black Secrid wallet is more slimline and less chunky than some wallets, which may be important for your comfort and needs.


How many compartments do you want in your wallet? If you want to separate your notes, you may want a wallet with two compartments for these. If you carry lots of cards, you may want a wallet with more card space. You may also want space for your coins.


Wallets come in different materials. One of the most popular materials is leather, with its benefits including durability and water-resistance. Wallets in nylon and plastic materials are also popular.


Remember that your wallet is also a fashion statement, so the colour is important. Browns and blacks are the most popular colours for wallets. Choose a colour that will suit you and your style and won’t jar with your day-to-day outfits.


There are different types of wallets, from money clips to credit card holders, breast wallets and billfold wallets. Each is designed with a different purpose in mind. If you are someone who likes to keep it simple or don’t have a lot to carry around with you, a money clip, cardholder or breast wallet will be perfect and won’t take up too much space.


How to Tell If Your Garage Door is Broken

If you have a garage, then I’m sure that you will want to know how to tell if your garage door is working properly for functional reasons, as well as aesthetics. A garage is one of the most important spaces in a home because it serves as an extra room, an extra living space, but it is also where many people spend the majority of their time on hobbies or DIY, for example. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality door installed. The problem that some people run into though is not being able to detect whether or not their door needs repairs or maintenance.

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One of the best ways to know if your door needs a little bit of TLC is to take a look at it on a regular basis. Many people will only look at the garage door when they come home from work and might not immediately realise that it’s broken. If you notice a problem on a regular basis, then chances are that there is a problem with it. There are a few different signs that can help you determine whether or not it needs to be repaired or replaced. Some of these signs include stiffness on opening, inability to fully open, strange noises or obvious dents. For Garage Door Repair, visit Garage doors r us for garage door repair

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It’s important to note that all of these symptoms are common with older garage doors as well as garage doors that have seen a lot of use. If you have a brand new door, then you won’t have any of these problems. Some of the best tips for avoiding garage door problems include regular maintenance and checking for any signs of damage. This should lead you to repairing or replacing your door immediately.


How to Prepare For Having a New Boiler Installed

Many people who are planning to have a new boiler installed in their homes wonder how to prepare for that installation. This can be a major issue because of the fact that a boiler can be quite large and awkward to install. Therefore, it is very important that you need to consider the location in your house and also the type of fuel that you would like to use for your boiler. Once you know these two things then you can be prepared for having a new boiler installed.

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The area where your current boiler is situated will need to be cleared of any furniture and other household items to provide clear access for the engineers. It will also be helpful if there is clear access from your front door to the location of the boiler. If old boiler parts are being removed, you might want to cover any valuable or important items or the floor with a dust sheet so as not to make unnecessary mess you’ll need to clean up.  For information on Boiler Installation Cheltenham, visit

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Try to keep children and pets away from the area so the engineer can work freely and undisturbed. There might be some noise and disruption for a day or two depending on the scope of the work being carried out. A straightforward installation will most likely be done within a day but if there are additional tasks involving radiators or pipes, you might expect a couple days of disruption.

Pros and Cons of Using a Fuel Card

Using a fuel card can be beneficial for a number of reasons of which I will highlight below. However, there are some disadvantages to having a fuel card which are good to consider when deciding whether to give your drivers only cards or cash for using at petrol stations. Read on to find out the pros and cons of using a fuel card.

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The first advantage of using a fuel card is safety. Carrying cash can be a potential risk to drivers in case they are robbed. Having a fuel card removes the necessity for holding cash. Moreover, it is a lot easier to organise the money each driver gets, as the fuel cards can all use the same account. Each card will have a unique PIN code that only the individual card holder will know so that all payments are secure.

An additional benefit of using a fuel card is that there are many different fuel companies to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can choose a card that offers you certain discounts or can only be used at specific petrol stations of your choice. Even for one company, there are different options of fuel cards to choose from. For example, the BP Fuel Card comes with many options that you can explore here:

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On the other hand, there are some drawbacks that you may want to consider. For example, depending on what company you choose, you can be limited by what petrol stations you can use, and therefore you will only be able to go on specific routes, even if they are longer. However, to prevent this problem, you can research all the different options of fuel cards before deciding. If you don’t do your research, you may even have to pay more for fuel, but if you find the right card, you’ll be able to cut costs.


When you should consult with a Brand Strategy Agency.

Brand strategy agencies work with businesses at varying stages of their development. This could be soon after launch, at the point when the business is looking to grow further or when a new product or initiative is being developed. It is important to make sure that you have an idea of the goals and objectives you have for your business so you can share these with your chosen agency so they can help you in achieving these.

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Once you have established your concept of your new program or initiative, it’s time to hire a strong branding specialist to guide you through the implementation. The branding specialist should be well versed in your field and able to bring you insight into how you can reach and maintain your ideal customer. In addition to your branding, the agency should help you with your execution. They are a partner in your success, because they are the voice and face of your agency. Their goal is to ensure that your concept is communicated clearly and your brand strategy is executed correctly and in an organised way.

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If you’re ready to make your next marketing investment, it pays to consult with an experienced creative branding agency such as Really Helpful Marketing. It’s a collaborative process that helps create brand awareness and a productive strategy for your company. Before making any commitments, evaluate your company and conduct market research.

Why do Television programs make us mad?

One thing that seems able to create anger in the British public is television programs. Since the playwright Kenneth Tynan said the F word live on TV  for the first time (although that is disputed) during an interview the public have enjoyed writing and complaining to the BBC ITV and the now Sky and the Digital networks.

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It was a lot easier when there were just the two channels to get up tight about. They both held a monopoly on our viewing habits. In fact the emergence of Mary Whitehouse and her National Viewers and listeners association was to hold great sway on what the Networks put out.  What the dear lady would have made of Game of Thrones if she’d live to see it can only be imagined.

The investment in our television programs is incredibly strong. It isn’t just the usual suspects like Doctor Who (which itself has received strong criticism of late) that garner the attention. Eastenders and Coronation Street, staples of the British scene still attract attention when they throw in a risky storyline or two.

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The emergence of Channel Four, which went out of it’s way to offend and by edgy brought about even more opportunities for moaning It was surprised to find that it’s most complained  about programme, wasn’t the Word or some of its more adult film content, it was in fact Watercolour Challenge, which saw hundreds of daily complaints about how the winners final picture looked nothing like the Pier/Tree/Landscape etc. TV Aerial Installation Gloucester firm Steve Unett Aerials will still be needed to make sure you get a good reception for it.