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What is a hero image and how do you create one?

If you have ever noticed a large piece of content at the head of a webpage, then you have already encountered a hero image. Don’t be misled by the term “image” – in fact, a hero image can either be an image or bit of text that is located above the “fold” of a webpage, and it has an important role to play in crafting the ideal visitor journey through your website.

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What makes a hero?

There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to creating your very own hero image. It could be a striking photograph, a fun animation, some bold and dramatic words, or even a video or slideshow of visual content.

A hero image is your visitor’s first introduction to your brand, so it makes sense to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible, whilst also driving home the ethos of your unique offering.

Remember mobile users

To be sure that all of your visitors are getting the benefit of your carefully crafted hero image, make sure that it renders properly on mobile devices, too. The importance of doing so is laid out in, which explains how retail businesses in particular can benefit from providing a high-quality mobile experience.

And don’t forget that HTML5 banner ads are always a great way to capture the attention of your target demographic. After all, great HTML5 banner ads will not only draw the eye, but encourage visitors to click through to learn more, and will also occupy that prime position at the top of the page.

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Creating a stylish impression

Once you’ve chosen the perfect content for your hero image, it’s time to style it so that it makes the maximum impression. Opting for interactive elements (such as effects that change the image to transparent when a user hovers over it) can help your whole website instantly look more sophisticated. Or make your hero image stand out by using striking contrast tones that set it apart from the header or other page content.

Where is the Best Location For a TV Aerial?

The best location for a TV aerial is one that offers clear line-of-sight to a transmitter tower, with no obstructions. This may be the roof of your house or in a window. Antennas that must be aimed include directional antennas and these will get better results when they are pointed in the direction of the broadcast tower rather than away from it. Uni-directional antennas should work well regardless of their orientation.

To find the location of your nearest broadcast tower, the TV station’s website. Most stations will list their call letters and broadcast area, which should be helpful in identifying the location of the tower.

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It’s tougher to position indoor antennas, as they cannot be placed outside. Getting the best reception from an indoor antenna is sometimes a matter of trial and error, but it’s always worth trying to place it in the most effective location. When you need advice on TV aerial repair Bristol, visit Aerial Installations.

The number of obstacles between the antenna and the broadcast towers will also play a role in how well it performs. Thick walls, buildings and even trees will all degrade the digital signal, so fewer obstructions are better. It is also a good idea to try to keep the antenna away from magnetic metals such as radiators and burglar bars, although this is not always possible, depending on space available.

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Placing an antenna as high as possible is particularly true for amplified indoor antennas. As high as possible above ground level to get the most over-the-air channels, but this is not always practical depending on the height of your home. If you are struggling with reception, consider TV aerial repair Bristol.

Each time you move the antenna, be sure to run a scan in order to see how many and which channels are picked up. If you have a multidirectional antenna, try pointing it in different directions and then doing a channel scan to see which are the strongest.

Finally, it is a good idea to keep the antenna wires away from other cables such as those for internet or telephone lines. These can also degrade OTA signals. Running cables between a TV or DVR should be kept short as a longer cable might degrade the incoming signal. By following the above tips, you should be able to get a great reception for the TVs in your home.

Why Your Credit Score Says a Lot About You

Your credit score can say a lot about you. Lenders look at your score when they are approving you for a loan or a credit card. People with high scores are seen as more creditworthy, and are more likely to qualify for more favourable interest rates on loans and credit cards. Having a good credit score also means you’ll be more attractive to landlords, who are willing to rent to people with a high credit score. In addition, employers also review your credit history when deciding whether to hire you for a job in the financial sector, for example. Find out more about KYC used by financial companies by visiting a site like

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Today’s society depends heavily on credit. Credit cards and loans are both based on a good score, which shows that you’ve been responsible and have a history of making payments. Unfortunately, many people tend to overextend themselves. With general living expenses taking a toll on their wages, many people are living beyond their means and end up paying more than they can afford.

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Even if you don’t need a loan, having a good credit score opens up a world of opportunities. Not only will you be eligible for lower interest rates and better terms on loans, but you’ll also be able to qualify for better discounts on car insurance and loans and mortgages, which will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.


The Importance of Having Mobile Phone Insurance

Having mobile phone insurance is important for several reasons. First of all, it protects you from financial hardships if you’re ever forced to replace a device through loss, theft or damage. Insurance usually covers your phone as well as valuable contents such as music and apps. This is important, since many of us have a lot of valuable data on our phones. However, different insurance policies have different exclusions and limits. To avoid such disappointments, read your policy carefully to see which items are covered.

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It is also important to consider the price of your phone. Some flagship models can cost a great deal more, which means that you could lose out substantially if it is stolen and you don’t have insurance. In case your phone is stolen or damaged, mobile phone insurance could compensate you for the cost. In fact, the price of a new flagship smartphone can be over £600. Purchasing a mobile phone insurance policy may help you avoid being out of pocket should the worst case scenario occur. Should you need a new phone, find a Vodafone Store Near Me at

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Some insurers will not pay out if you accidentally drop your phone, and others will replace it with a refurbished one. Make sure you report any problems immediately if you can’t find a repair shop near you. Other insurers won’t cover you for water damage unless you’re reasonably careful, which means that you dropped the phone. The insurance company may not reimburse you for the cost of a new phone, but they will cover the costs for repairs or a replacement refurbished device.


Ordering Online – What you Should Know

In the last few years, online shopping has grown a lot. During lockdown, the only way to be able to buy many things was to use the internet and this increased the demand for services like this couriers Slough based company as people needed to have their items brought to their home. For many people who were ordering online, this was all new to them, and getting used to doing this and other things differently was quite a challenge.

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When it comes to online shopping, it is convenient, but also comes with many pitfalls that people are not necessarily aware of, or can be confused by – so what are the things that you should know when it comes to shopping online?

What is the Returns Policy – When ordering online, you are having to base your choice from photographs and reviews rather than being able to see the product in real life. This means that for whatever reason, when it arrives it may not be quite what you wanted. This is why it is very important to be aware of the returns policy of the company. It is law that all online shops must give you 14 days from the day that you received your item to make a decision about keeping it. Often during the Christmas season, this is extended, although this is certainly not a requirement so you must always check before you buy. It is also worth noting that there are some exceptions to this rule, such as hygiene items for example.

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Think about Delivery – Before you go ahead with a purchase, check what the delivery date will be. If you are ordering something from another country, you are likely to be waiting for it a little longer. Some retailers will have a choice of delivery services that you can select at the checkout which will give you the expected dates of delivery. The responsibility of getting your parcel to you is always with the retailer – if your item does not arrive, turns up damaged or goes missing en-route then it is on them to refund or replace it. If this happens, speak to the retailer not the delivery company, and ensure that they do put it right.

The beauty in aircraft design

Planes and other aircraft are a feat of human design. To think that planes of substantial sizes are travelling in the sky at hundreds of feet and at incredible speeds, over and over again each day is an amazing thought. Over the years since the Wright brothers took their first flight, there have been numerous advances in air travel. This has included making planes that travel at incredible speeds, such as Concorde. Planes that have multiple decks and can carry hundreds and hundreds of people on one flight, such as the Airbus and, of course, the great military aircraft that can carry out heart-stopping manoeuvres and be undetected by radars.

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In order to produce all of these incredible aircraft, designs have to be created. These were initially drawings, much like those we have come to expect from architects, and the plans would have then been passed onto those responsible for building each element of the plane and those assembling it ready for its Plasma polymer composite that can be found from companies like Nowadays, the aircraft is designed using specially crafted software that allows for 3D and, in some cases, even 4D rendering of the designs. This has enabled incredible designs to be put in place that would never otherwise have been possible.

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The design phases allow for concept testing where small scale models of the planes or certain elements of the plane are placed inside wind tunnels to see how aerodynamic they are. The results of these tests will then determine whether amendments need to be made to the design or whether they can be passed onto the construction phase. In some cases, it can take up to four years in total to complete the design and early model testing phases.

Once the aircraft has passed into the construction phases, the critical components of the fuselage, engines, wings, empennage and undercarriage are all made. These are often made in separate factories before they are all brought together for the final assembly of the entire plane. Along the way, the elements will all be stress and safety tested, with the plan being given a final inspection before it embarks on the test flights. Once the test flights have been successful, the plane can then receive its branding and the outer coat of paint before being commissioned into action.

Due to the strict safety measures needed for all aircraft, the vehicles will be tested for safety measures throughout their lifespan. Some of these safety measures will take place before and after each flight and others after particular time periods. Each plane only has a set amount of time it is able to fly, meaning that some planes are being decommissioned all the time.

What is electricity

Electricity is used by all of us in one form or another and with the recent energy crisis causing more and more suppliers to go busts, there is a big drive on finding easy in which we can produce electricity in a cleaner, more sustainable manner. We don’t often think about the electricity that we use until a lightbulb goes out, a power switch stops working or we go out to the Electric Meter box to take a monthly reading as we all try to maintain an appropriate level for our bills more of us are going out to the meterbox electric meter box on the side of the house to check on the amount of energy that we are using.

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Electricity is essentially the flow of electrons and this occurs naturally throughout our environment. We have found ways in which we can harness this force and use it to power numerous different items that we need in our lives.

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In order to supply this secondary energy source to our homes, we actually convert energy from another source. This could be the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and gas that then result in turbines moving and creating energy at a transmitter, or the split or uranium atoms to move similar turbines. It is these fossil fuels that are beginning to run out and that have a negative impact on our environment. This is why moving over to renewable sources such as solar, wind and tidal will help to improve the environmental impact but also still provide us with the energy that is needed.

What Apps can you use to listen to music on your phone?

There are a number of ways that you can enjoy music on your phone. Because of the choice and the sound quality you might think that the old ways of CD’s and Tapes were long gone! You’d be partially right. Vinyl is making a strange comeback but it seems that streaming is the now and the future. It is able to combine so much information about the song, the artist as well as offering the accompanying video as well.

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You will need a decent phone to get these apps. By entering Vodafone near me on the  King Communications website you can guarantee that you will be getting a good one.  Streaming is a quick and easy way to access a huge amount of music. Pretty much everything ever recorded can be found on the streaming services. From the biggest bands to the smallest, the most well known and the very obscure all are on there.

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The two most popular and well known are Apple Music and Spotify. However there is a large amount also on Youtube if you look for it. Some people have even included entire albums on there. You can even watch them put the record on the player with the album cover to the forefront. With the main suppliers you get lyrics and even some important facts about how the song was written and even the meaning of what the artists were trying to achieve with the song. As it is digital the sound quality is amazingly clear.