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Pre and Post Covid, Knitting is Still the Favourite Go To Pastime

Before the Covid Pandemic swept across the entire Nation leaving a tidal wave of despair and devastation in its wake, individuals and groups of like-minded citizens enjoyed the simple pleasures of knitting.  From novice beginners to seasoned professionals, all across the Land the art of knitting was enjoyed by many.  Then the crippling disease started to take effect and many elderly and vulnerable individuals were struck down and tragically passed away. Those that were left behind needed a therapeutic pastime to occupy their minds and keep them busy during the long days of isolation.  This is when the purchase of the Beginners Knitting Kit really took off and experienced, professional, reputable suppliers such as were highly sought after in order to satisfy the growing demand. Continue reading Pre and Post Covid, Knitting is Still the Favourite Go To Pastime

The Family Friendly approach in the Market Town of Evesham

With a relatively small population of just over 27,000 local inhabitants, the Market Town of Evesham is advocating its Family Friendly Approach when it comes to using local, trusted, skilled experienced companies that provide quality Evesham Conservatories.  Endorsing a no pressure sales approach, this experienced, friendly, knowledgeable team are all trained to listen to every individual customer before offering the best advice to each one, on the most suitable solution for them.  With word of mouth and glowing, previous customer recommendations, their exemplary reputation for Customer Service, quality products and bespoke craftsmanship has spread across the three Counties.  This Family Friendly Team of elite men and women are proud to have been serving the residential and commercial property owners of Evesham for over thirty years. Continue reading The Family Friendly approach in the Market Town of Evesham

How to store your wool sweaters

There are certain rules when it comes to storing wool sweaters, but these can differ slightly depending on the type of wool sweater you own. Whether your sweater is mohair, merino or cashmere, discover the perfect way to store your wool item.

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Hanging vs folding

Most people think that hanging sweaters is the best choice to keep them in shape, especially when it comes to wool sweaters. But it’s actually better to hang them to dry and then fold them and store them in a closet. This is because the force of gravity can actually cause the sweater to become misshapen or stretched, or create unsightly shoulder bumps.


If you own a cashmere sweater, you’ll probably want to be extra careful with it, especially given that it might well be worth more than all your other sweaters put together. Cashmere is much more delicate than most wools. But most importantly, it needs to be stored away from other wool, and even silk, items. Fold your cashmere sweater between cotton if possible, but ideally, ensure it doesn’t touch anything else at all.


Most wool sweaters, such as the traditional mens fisherman sweaters available at, are made from Merino wool. These should be dried by hanging and then folded and stored in the closet.


When it comes to your mohair jumper, this should also be stored folded in a cupboard and not hung in the wardrobe. Unlike other wool sweaters, however, mohair will benefit from a good shake when you get it out to fluff it back up again. Also, never store mohair in plastic.

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Acrylic wool blends

Cheaper sweaters tend to be made with a blend of lower-quality wool and acrylic wool. You don’t generally need to take as much care with these as you would with 100% wool. Acrylic wool can even be hung without much concern about it becoming misshapen, compared to 100% natural wool.

Correct storage is key to keeping your wool sweater in tip-top condition, and wool clothing that is well looked after will last many years if not decades.

Farming Jobs Throughout the Autumn Months

Farming is a job that doesn’t come with much in the way of time off! For farmers, work is reliant on the seasons and keeping up with the natural world. It is also important to ensure that high standards are maintained, and that animals and crops are cared for, farm health and safety is always high, and that machinery is kept in good condition too. Continue reading Farming Jobs Throughout the Autumn Months

How and why, many ordinary families are Scrimping and Saving every penny to make ends meet.

In today’s difficult economy, where gas and electricity bills have sky-rocketed, mortgage rates and house prices have soared, and essential food items are more expensive than ever, it’s no wonder that many ordinary families are having to Scrimp and Save every penny they can to make ends meet at the end of each month. It’s the poorest people who are struggling to juggle their wages and any benefits they are entitled to, and the families who are not receiving any extra income, who are the ones finding it harder and harder to keep their heads above water. They can no longer afford to buy brand new electrical equipment, even if it’s essential for their work, children’s schooling or keeping in touch with family and friends.

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They have to look at alternative and affordable ways to be able to buy their mobile phones, and computers and they are now looking for companies that can provide them with Cheap Laptops that are of a great quality but within their tight budgets. Professional companies such as have stepped into that much needed market and can provide quality, reconditioned laptops that have been programmed with all the essential software people need, so they can carry on with essential online work projects, while their children complete their school assignments and they can keep in touch with family and friends.

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These professional companies are a lifeline for parents and working families all over the country and they are providing an essential service to hardworking ordinary people everywhere.

Ruislip Lido is a beautiful, sandy beach on the Piccadilly Line in West London

Living and working in London can be incredibly hectic, with thousands of people travelling around the busy city for work and leisure. Having a stunning sandy beach on your doorstep at the Ruislip Lido and the seven-hundred-acre nature reserve and woodland to go to and unwind certainly helps the lucky locals and inhabitants of London. The beach may be artificial but the beauty of the landscape with the magnificent trees, sandy beach and wonderful natural environment is real.  If you are lucky enough to live near this area you will know that the lakes were used during the second World War for training Aircrew in survival techniques.

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Being a local to this beautiful part of London you will also know that there are professional, locally based companies like who are specialist Curtain Makers London, who can provide you, your family and friends with quality, bespoke fabrics and curtains for your homes.  Living near the city and working in a busy business environment, you want your home to reflect a warmth and calmness that encapsulates your family dynamics. Quality fabrics used to make your individually designed window coverings that keep in the warmth in the cold winter months but allow the air to circulate throughout the hot summer.

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Tasteful designs that reflect your families style and taste and made from quality, practical fabrics that will stand the test of time, just like the beach, woodland and nature reserve on your doorstep.

Three Things to Do Around your Home in the Spring

With the snowdrops and longer days starting to herald the arrival of spring, our homes need to change to adapt to the new season and the incoming warmer weather. Changing the way we live to suit the season helps us to be comfortable and make the most of where we live. Here are some of the things that you can do in the house now that spring is on the way…

Spring Cleaning – When it is this time of the year it is traditional to blow away the cobwebs of winter and get some spring cleaning done. The regeneration in the earth inspires us to get on and clean. Now is a good time to sort out and get rid of the things that we don’t need.

It is also a good time to really give your house a thorough and deep clean. Pay attention to all those hard to reach areas, air it out and let the spring in!

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Check your Boiler – Over the winter, the boiler has been working hard to keep you warm, and now is the time to pay it some attention to make sure that it is working properly and is safe. Get a professional like this Cheltenham boiler service company to come and service it before you turn your heating off for the warmer months.

Now is also a good time to check the rest of the heating system, like the radiators and ensure that everything is working properly. If any repairs need to be done, then you have plenty of time to do it before next winter rolls around.

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Get the Garden Ready – This time of the year is a busy period for gardeners, as the flowers start to make a comeback. Although frosts and chilly nights are certainly not off the cards yet, now is a good time to start making those all-important preparations for the summer. Start plants off in a greenhouse or even indoors on the windowsill, so that when the weather is warmer and the plants are bigger you can plant them straight out into the garden.

You can also get the garden tidied up now and cut back bushes and overgrown areas to make way for the new growth.

What is a No Fault Divorce?

In April 2022, a new law was introduced in the UK that changed the way divorce is dealt with. Prior to this, couples had to use one of five reasons for applying for divorce. These were adultery, desertion, unreasonable behaviour, two years separation with consent or five years separation without consent. It is now much simpler, with couples able to claim that the marriage has just irretrievably broken down. The option to contest has also been removed. Continue reading What is a No Fault Divorce?