Content Marketing: either you create and share, or you do not exist!

For months now you registered your company profile in the main social networks, at first you liked to enter and you were observing day by day the evolution of your followers. I was excited every time you got an email that said “Fulanito is following you on Twitter” or likes …” You thought: “this goes smoothly”, I will have a great online community in a blink of eyes, my online reputation will rise like foam … But over time, you felt disillusioned, because you could see with sadness that your profile was drying, as you do all the plants that you put on the balcony. If you only dedicate yourself to contemplating your time line and do not take an active part, you will never get a presence in social media. Assume it at once: “Content is king”

Be original, Provide information of interest to your target audience, get their attention with your message. Surely there are many issues related to your sector that you have not thought about using, you always resort to the same. For example, we all know that in ecommerce it is very important to make calls to action using large buttons; but perhaps not much importance is given to the fact that there is a high probability of customer loyalty, if you simply thank them for their purchase once they have received the order. You could use this theme to create an interesting post on your blog.

Do not bore them talking about you. Believe me, for your users you are not important, they only want you to contribute something beneficial to them. However, you are aware that you also have to sell yourself; so show them your products in an entertaining way, with grace, without sounding like pure and hard commercial. It is not the same to publish a tweet from a diamond alliance saying “Engagement rings for lovers, know our catalog” if you say “Because your love is also forever …”

Use lateral thinking, provide a different view of things. Surely your audience is tired of reading that social networks have a degree of acceptance among Spanish society. Flip the tortilla and create an infographic, graphically showing that same information. Enriqueta with percentages on the different social networks and the odd value-added data and voilà, you already have a new dish ready to serve.

Create different content, while relevant. You have to awaken the curiosity of your target audience. Avoid the conventional supports, do not go over and over again the path already drawn. Surprise with videos about different uses of your product, surely no one had thought to melt the spreadable cheese until they saw it on TV; create an application on Facebook to publicize the benefits of a tourist destination, call a contest on Twitter to choose the name of your next vehicle model … any support lends itself to countless possibilities, discover them.

It promotes virality, Share your content on all possible platforms. Start with your own website, continue with social networks and do everything in your power to get blogs of your interest to echo your information. In this way, you will amplify the reach of your content, your community will grow and your reputation will expand online.

Finally, encourage your audience to share your content, let them share in its importance and ask them to collaborate with your comments. From here, I invite you to preach by example and leave your opinion on this post here.

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