Current coverage of tennis ‘Hard’ courts

The world’s most popular tennis grounds coating is by far the “Hard.” The coating has an excellent performance, low maintenance cost, and long service life.

For the first time on the cover of “Hard” talking in the 70s of the last century. In 1978 in the United States to Hard coating had a Grand Slam US Open. Venues with grass, which were in the first four tournaments in Australia, have lost popularity.

Hard Tennis Courts

The World Federation has tennis courts, which were paved, were created in 1979. “The Seagull” the first time the novelty could test the tennis club in the capital. Later coating “Hard” appeared in the many Stadium. In preparation for the Olympics-80 organizers are actively cooperating with foreign experts to help install the cover on the tennis court. It is noteworthy that the tennis courts were covered in Moscow. On the game came to see not only ordinary citizens but also politicians, cultural figures and many other important persons of the state.

Domestic handlers to cooperate with the Americans. In place of the toxic and reactive polyurethane coatings comes acrylic coating. It is not to smell. Athletes immediately appreciate the benefits of new items. First of all, they are happy about the fact that you can easily clean the clothes and sports equipment: only enough water.

Relaxed and clean Hard

In the Russian Federation, several companies working today, who build tennis courts with “Hard” coating? Under this concept hides a series of coatings, which differ among themselves. Particular attention should be paid to cover the “pure hard» and «mitigated hard». Net coverage has not mitigating layers and substrates. The relaxed same coating is carried out on the basis of rubber, as well as with the use of rubber granules. Hard Net – a system of layers of acrylic, which is made up of special ingredients, color interlayer. It is used here filler of quartz. Mostly Clear Hard used outdoors. Its cost is not high.

If we talk about mitigation Hardy, it differs from the preceding species in that it has at least five layers of mitigation. Three of them – the large rubber fraction as two layers – the small rubber granules. There is another kind of relaxed Hardy. It is applied to a special acrylic rubber substrate. Sometimes a polyurethane substrate.

Players like most relaxed hard. It is preferred not only professionals but also amateurs. All configuration Hard coatings may differ depending on the manufacturer.

Creating tennis courts hard, specialists pay special attention to the ground. When you create an open platform, the base is asphalt or concrete. The basis for the closed areas is asphalt. The surface must be performed on clear rules. Thus, the thickness of a tennis court is from 1.5 to 5 millimeters. On the operational coverage, the period may be affected to a greater extent base.

Domestic or foreign coverage

Currently, in Russia, several companies offer hardcover. It was found that the quality of domestic products is not always excellent. If you want to create a tennis cord, which cover will not change for at least thirty years, it is better to choose the American goods. Such coatings do not give glare, do not change color in the sun. Its quality Plating Hard stores up to ten years.

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