Why homeowners love open plan

Over the last century, open floor plans have become increasingly popular. For many people it’s a must when buying a new house or even a possibility for remodelling. What is an open plan? Open floor plans are made up of two or three traditional spaces that have been joined together into a larger space. This is usually the case with living rooms and dining rooms. Open concept allows you to create a larger space because it removes the barriers that divide these rooms.

  1. Entertaining

It can be difficult to host a dinner party or have the whole family over, especially when everyone is pulling in different directions. Open floor plans can help reduce the chaos, by creating a smooth flow from the dining or living room to the kitchen. By removing the walls between these areas, you can be in three places at once. For Cotswold Builders, visit https://baytreehomes.co.uk

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  1. Increased Value

Open floor plans should be considered when building the ideal home or choosing a project to fix up. A floor plan that is open will add square footage to your home, which many buyers want. Open concept kitchens are a common feature in modern homes, creating a floor plan that is desirable for resell and improves the home’s livability.

  1. Light & Flow

Open space and walls removed allow light to flow more easily from one room to another. Shared light from different light fixtures creates a warmer ambiance. Natural window lighting, along with the shared light from the fixtures, will be carried throughout the rooms. When building a home, consider the number of windows to ensure maximum natural light throughout. Natural light is proven to improve mood, increase productivity and aid in sleep.

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  1. Focal Point Kitchen

For many families, the kitchen is more important than a space to cook meals. It’s also a gathering place where they can socialise, share food, and spend time together. The kitchen is the centre of the house, which is why an open-plan design makes it the focus.

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