What to consider before buying a van for your business

The number of people working for themselves in the UK continues to rise and many need larger transport.
In fact, more than three million people in the UK rely on vans for work. Additionally, many businesses need vans for transporting and/or delivering goods. SMMT details how the UK van sector delivered a £56 billion pay-packet to British workers.

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If your business relies on vans already, or if you feel that you need one to expand or improve your business, there are many things to consider before handing over your money.

New or used?

Perhaps the first major decision is whether you should opt for a new or used van.

New vans will cost more (and depreciate rapidly) but will be more reliable, have the latest technologies and will also be covered by a warranty. Used vans will be considerably cheaper but may require more maintenance and are not usually covered by a warranty.

Used vans for sale in Oxford

If you are looking to buy a used van, there are a number of companies which specialise in used vans for sale Oxford. Some of these have useful online resources such as the examples seen here: https://cotswoldvancentre.co.uk/buy/used-vans-for-sale/oxford/.

What to look for in a used van

If you have decided that a used van is the most suitable option then there are several factors to consider.

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Initially, you should take the van for a test drive to get a good idea of how it feels and to ensure that there are no obvious problems. Other key things to look out for are the condition of the bodywork and tyres, the effectiveness of the brakes and the condition of the electrics and interior.

Also, you should never buy a vehicle that does not have a comprehensive service history, current MOT and detailed records of any major work carried out.

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