Tips for buying your next TV

There are so many new TVs on the market. They all claim to offer different things and bombard us with jargon; therefore, you need to look at the facts beyond the advertising to decide which TV suits you best.

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Screen size

This can be very important, as it will determine how many people can watch at any given time. Space restrictions will apply but generally the bigger the TV you can afford, the better. You do not want to have to sit too close to a screen, as you will be able to see the individual pixels; however, you can sit closer to a 4K ultra HD if you need to. Measure your space and use a company that provides Bristol aerial installations to set up your new TV.

Screen resolution

Resolution describes the quality of the screen. Most TVs have HD resolution, but 4K is increasingly taking over. While HD has excellent resolution, 4k has four times the number of pixels and will deliver much higher-quality pictures. As 4K ecomes more popular, the price will start to come down. The only drawback with 4K is that it is not currently compatible with streaming services and you may not be able to view many programmes at this resolution.

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Screen shape

There are a lot of curved screens on the market. They look attractive, but how practical are they? They could potentially affect your viewing, as you may not be able to see the curves of the screen from where you are sitting and text can appear distorted. Conversely, they will help with any reflections on your screen, which can be a big bonus. If you have the money and like the aesthetic, by all means invest in one; however, do not expect it to be immersive.

HDMI outputs

If you use additional hardware with your TV, such as PCs or gaming machines, make sure you have enough HDMI ports. When installing through a company such as, make sure you have access to all the ports and can utilise them. Four is the ideal number, as this will enable you to add on a sound bar.

Finally, smart TVs are now more common. When buying a TV, check that it can be connected to the internet, as this will make streaming services easier to use.

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