Pre and Post Covid, Knitting is Still the Favourite Go To Pastime

Before the Covid Pandemic swept across the entire Nation leaving a tidal wave of despair and devastation in its wake, individuals and groups of like-minded citizens enjoyed the simple pleasures of knitting.  From novice beginners to seasoned professionals, all across the Land the art of knitting was enjoyed by many.  Then the crippling disease started to take effect and many elderly and vulnerable individuals were struck down and tragically passed away. Those that were left behind needed a therapeutic pastime to occupy their minds and keep them busy during the long days of isolation.  This is when the purchase of the Beginners Knitting Kit really took off and experienced, professional, reputable suppliers such as were highly sought after in order to satisfy the growing demand.

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Now that the once deadly disease is under control with the continued use of a targeted vaccination programme especially for the vulnerable and elderly and we are no longer required to isolate, the resurgence of knitting groups has grown at an exponential rate. Individuals are also once again enjoying the creativity and stimulation achieved from knitting.

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Train your Brain to read, understand and follow complex patterns, or if you are a new knitter, to just follow the simple procedures laid out in the beginners Kits. Care Homes are actively encouraging their Residents to either start Knitting or continue the pastime in many of their locations, witnessing the incredible benefits this favoured pastime has.

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