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Would You Trust a Robot for Financial Advice?

Would You Trust a Robot for Financial Advice?

Many services are being automated and often you’ll hear ‘there’s an app for that’ when talking about various strands of business. Robots, too, are taking over in the workplace. They are making cars, working in factories, performing operations, and now handing out financial advice.

Online robotic advisors are providing small investors with financial advice and managing their portfolios, with these services proving more cost-effective than their human counterparts. The rise in robot-advisors came about through concern that not enough people were getting the advice they needed at a price they could afford. Whilst they use the same software as their human counterparts, they focus mainly on managing portfolios rather than the tax and retirement aspects of wealth management.

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Meet the Robo-Advisors

Robo-advice is an automated online service using algorithms to manage portfolios. Investors can go online and fill in a form with their age, ideal retirement age and whether they want their investment to be high, medium, or low risk. The robo-advisor then puts the money in the appropriate funds and automatically rebalances the portfolio if necessary. At present, they are not poaching clients from existing advisers but capturing a new market of young people with little money to invest, who may have been ignored until now.

In San Francisco, SigFig Wealth Management has 845,000 clients but fewer than 100 employees. This new generation of financial firms gives clients access to algorithm-driven tools to manage their portfolios. SigFig has become the eighth largest adviser in the USA by number of clients.

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Somewhat closer to home here in the UK Ascot solicitors Parachute Law are proud to have the human touch offering advice but from a legal perspective.

Automation Makes Financial Sense

So, it seems as though robots are not a threat to existing financial firms but have tapped into a previously unseen market. In many ways robots and software can make life easier for professionals such as independent financial advisors, because a lot of their work can be automated or dealt with quickly by apps or software to leave people more time to deal with their clients.

All information about clients can be safely stored, their portfolios updated or created, and accounts managed using business management software which helps them manage risks and build a better business. This enables professionals to spend more time doing what they enjoy – giving financial advice.

What is the Role of a Dental Nurse?

What is the role of a dental nurse in a dental practice? Dental nurses are responsible for greeting patients, providing chairside assistance, and performing general practice management duties. The job requires high commitment and dedication. They are usually in contact with patients for long periods of time, so it is important to have excellent communication skills and a compassionate nature. Dental nurses typically work in a dental practice, which usually consists of a surgery, a waiting room, and an office for admin. However, they may also work in other locations, such as hospitals, army clinics, mobile clinics, and even in patients’ homes.

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Dental nurses assist dentists with routine procedures and complex specialist treatments. They also help to prepare instruments and materials used for procedures. Besides, they ensure patients have a positive experience during their visit. They must also have excellent communication and organisational skills, as they are often the first point of contact for patients. They work in dental practices that range from community health centres to private practices. Their duties are diverse and varied, but all nurses are responsible for a variety of tasks. When you need Clinical Training Courses, consider Tidal Training

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As a dental nurse, you might take x-rays, take clinical photographs, and even model patients’ teeth. Depending on your qualifications, you may also choose to pursue further training to become a dental hygienist, a dentist, or a dental therapist. Despite the broad role of dental nurses, they typically work standard office hours, although some may work shifts in the evenings.

The beauty in aircraft design

Planes and other aircraft are a feat of human design. To think that planes of substantial sizes are travelling in the sky at hundreds of feet and at incredible speeds, over and over again each day is an amazing thought. Over the years since the Wright brothers took their first flight, there have been numerous advances in air travel. This has included making planes that travel at incredible speeds, such as Concorde. Planes that have multiple decks and can carry hundreds and hundreds of people on one flight, such as the Airbus and, of course, the great military aircraft that can carry out heart-stopping manoeuvres and be undetected by radars.

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In order to produce all of these incredible aircraft, designs have to be created. These were initially drawings, much like those we have come to expect from architects, and the plans would have then been passed onto those responsible for building each element of the plane and those assembling it ready for its Plasma polymer composite that can be found from companies like Nowadays, the aircraft is designed using specially crafted software that allows for 3D and, in some cases, even 4D rendering of the designs. This has enabled incredible designs to be put in place that would never otherwise have been possible.

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The design phases allow for concept testing where small scale models of the planes or certain elements of the plane are placed inside wind tunnels to see how aerodynamic they are. The results of these tests will then determine whether amendments need to be made to the design or whether they can be passed onto the construction phase. In some cases, it can take up to four years in total to complete the design and early model testing phases.

Once the aircraft has passed into the construction phases, the critical components of the fuselage, engines, wings, empennage and undercarriage are all made. These are often made in separate factories before they are all brought together for the final assembly of the entire plane. Along the way, the elements will all be stress and safety tested, with the plan being given a final inspection before it embarks on the test flights. Once the test flights have been successful, the plane can then receive its branding and the outer coat of paint before being commissioned into action.

Due to the strict safety measures needed for all aircraft, the vehicles will be tested for safety measures throughout their lifespan. Some of these safety measures will take place before and after each flight and others after particular time periods. Each plane only has a set amount of time it is able to fly, meaning that some planes are being decommissioned all the time.

Six clever hacks to make your ceiling appear higher

Everybody loves a large room that has plenty of space,and if you have recently bought a home for this reason through the support of conveyancing solicitors Maidstone Sam Conveyancing then you will want to make the most of this.

If you feel like your home is not as spacious as you would like it to be, you may be settling for lower ceilings and a narrower room. Using the right tricks, you can make your ceilings appear higher, making your living space more open and inviting. Take a look at these six tips to make your ceiling appear higher.

Choose The Colour Carefully

Ceilings painted in light shades appear to have more height. White, cream and pastel colours are best for lower ceilings as they reflect the light, making the ceiling look like it’s further away.

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Rely On Your Lighting

If you have low ceilings, steer clear of pendulum lights or lamps and focus on wall lights instead. Wall lights illuminate the entire wall and ceilings, making them appear higher than they actually are.

Choose The Right Furniture

A room can seem higher if you select the right furniture. Stay away from bulky pieces and finish your room with simple, airy pieces of furniture, keeping it as minimal as possible. To add an extra touch of glamour to your room, take a look at ceiling roses. Having ceiling roses adds a classic touch to any ceiling.

Optimise The Wall Design

Paint your walls a brighter colour to make the ceiling appear higher. You may even want to opt for vertical stripes of colour that will make the entire space seem taller. There are a lot of design tricks for walls to make the room appear larger and taller.

Add Curtains For Extra Height

The right curtains can make your windows seem a lot larger and make the ceiling look higher. To enhance that feeling of height, opt for floor-length curtains and hang them as high as possible. You can also have sheer curtains to let in more natural light and add to the space in the room.

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Accessories For Finishing Touches

There are a lot of other accessories beyond curtains that can make a room appear taller. Mirrors are great for adding to an open and bright effect. Even picture frames and art hung in the right place can help you with the space.

What Are Polymer Composites?

Polymer composites are made of two or more types of polymer. Among their features are their low density, high thermal conductivity, and biocompatibility. They are also extremely durable and are used for a wide range of industrial applications, including electrical insulation, military structures, and bone and ligament application. In addition, their unique properties make them highly flexible and allow for a wide range of design forms. This means that they can be used in various ways, from medical devices to aerospace parts. Find out more about Plasma polymer composite applications at a site like

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Polymer composites have a wide range of uses, from structural hull panels to decking, stringers, and sail battens. They can also be used in cabinetry, door panels, and anchor pins. Glass fibre-reinforced polyester is the most common type of polymer composite used in boats, while other types of fibre reinforcement are commonly used in high-performance sailboats. While polymer composites are highly resistant to saltwater, they also have outstanding strength and dampen vibration, making them ideal for use in boating.

A variety of biomedical applications for polymer composites include the creation of implants and bone replacements. 

A polymer composite is made from two or more materials. The polymer matrix consists of two or more polymers and a support material, which may be inorganic or organic. These products can be formed using thermoplastic or thermoset matrices, and are commonly manufactured at temperatures below 200°F. There are several types of polymer composites. The most popular are fibre-reinforced composites, which are made with fibres embedded in another material.

The most common polymer composites are carbon fibre and fibreglass. However, there are other types of composites. Among the strongest, most versatile, and most resilient are the ones made from polymers. But there are many other advantages of these advanced polymer composites. They combine the benefits of two substances in one compound. In fact, some of them have multiple benefits.

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Smart polymer composites can combine glass fibres and a polymer matrix to form a smart structure. The technology behind these composites is often inspired by nature. The most popular examples of smart structures are those that are capable of sensing and healing damage. These composites are able to repair themselves in the event of an accident. This is a major benefit of these composites. They are also lightweight, durable, and resistant to high temperatures.

The Common Lifestyle Factors that Increase Stroke Risk

A stroke is something that can affect anyone at any time. They can seem to appear with little warning, so having the knowledge to deal with a stroke is beneficial, such as attending a local first aid course like these emergency first aid training courses – it can literally be the difference between life and death.

Although a stroke can often appear with no prior warning, there are some lifestyle factors that can increase the risk of a stroke happening – here are some of them…

Smoking – Smoking is bad in many ways and the fact it can increase your stroke risk is another reason to give up the cigarettes! Because of the fact it causes heart disease, the arteries become affected and narrow over time, increasing the chance of a stroke.

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Hypertension – More commonly known as high blood pressure, hypertension is a big risk factor when it comes to having a stroke. If you have high blood pressure, it is important that you see your doctor as they will be able to help you manage it with lifestyle changes and medication.

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Eating the Wrong Foods – Eating foods that are good for our body is important for our overall health, but certain foods like fatty and over processed foods can increase the risk of stroke by thickening the lining of the arteries. So swap that morning fry up for a morning smoothie to reduce your risk!

Who is Bruce Tuckman

If you have worked as a team leader and studied how teams form and the stages that they go through, you will probably have heard of Bruce Tuckman. In 1965, Tuckman, who is an American psychologist published papers and a book on this theory behind group development. These theories are still very much used today and are noted as forming, storming, norming and performing, with the latter stage being when the teams are working together towards their common goals. As well as publishing his theories he also worked as a professor of Educational Psychology at Ohio State University.

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The key phases that he identified are:

Forming – this is when the team is first benign developed or a number member joins. It is the time when the individuals are working out what their roles are and figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of each person.

Storming – this is the phase where tensions can rise as people try to settle into their roles. It can be an incredibly useful tiem to get your team working on activities that will help strengthen their working together.

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Norming – this is when the team has settled into their roles and are benign work function as one unit and working towards their goals.

Performing – the team is performing incredibly well at this stage and you will be able to use Corporate Gift Boxes as a way to thank the team for their work and for completing their projects.

The Importance of Having an Accountant Who Understands Your Business

Having an accountant who understands your business is essential for many reasons. They can offer you valuable advice when it comes to the structure of your company and can help you choose the best structure for your needs. In addition to helping you choose the right structure for your business, they can also help you make important decisions regarding hiring and spending, as well as financial feasibility. A good accountant can help you make a sound decision regarding these issues. For a wealth of business advice and accounting services, consider a Tewkesbury Business Advisory like Randall and Payne

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An accountant will be able to help you develop a realistic revenue forecast, establish KPIs, and troubleshoot problems. They can also help you prepare a pitch for lenders. Your accountant will also be able to provide you with valuable advice on how to set goals and measures of progress. They know which lenders are playing fair and when not. Your accountant will be able to give you unbiased advice that will help you reach your financial goals.

A business owner must also have an idea about how to run the company, but this is easier said than done. A professional accountant can help you test your business ideas and identify startup costs. They can also help you create a realistic revenue forecast. They can also help you prepare a business pitch for potential lenders. They can also assist you in keeping track of outstanding invoices and missing payments. A good accountant can help you create and maintain a realistic plan for your business’s success.

Having an accountant who understands your business is essential for a successful business. Having an accountant who knows your business and your industry inside out will help you focus on the critical parts of your business. Your accountant will be able to set goals and set key performance indicators to keep track of progress. If your finances are not in order, you will be unable to stay in business for long.

Your accountant is the linchpin of your business’s financial health. Without them, your business may not be able to meet its goals. An accountant will help you determine what your financial goals are, as well as provide the necessary paperwork. Your accountant will also help you file annual reports and create reports analyzing your revenue by customer. These documents will allow you to more effectively target your marketing efforts.

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Your accountant can help you file annual financial reports and prepare reports based on your business’s unique needs. They will also help you identify startup costs and create credible revenue forecasts for your business. A business owner should make sure that all of his or her paperwork is organized before meeting their accountant. For example, he or she should set up online banking and set up cloud-based money management tools. This way, their work will be easier and they will have a better view of the various aspects of their business.


The Importance of Mobility on Lifestyle

Good mobility is essential for older adults who want to remain in their homes and stay independent as long as possible. It allows people to continue to be active, socialize with their families and friends, and maintain their health. However, good mobility isn’t always easy to achieve. When a person’s range of motion becomes limited, it can lead to injuries. A few ways to maintain mobility is to make good use of mobility aids where appropriate.

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In general, people with limited mobility need to increase their flexibility. Increasing mobility will make it easier for people to do activities inside and outside of the home. This will improve accessibility, which will slow the progression of the decline in mobility and help people maintain adequate activity levels. In addition, improved mobility will improve your ability to complete tasks. Keeping your joints mobile will help you to remain mobile, and that can lead to overall better health. In fact, full joint mobility is the key to a healthy lifestyle. For a range of Mobility Aids, visit a site like

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When it comes to lifestyle, good mobility will ensure that you maintain your independence as you age. The more flexible you are, the less dependent you will be on others and mobility aids. If your mobility is deteriorating, you may be at risk for disability, which will make it more difficult to lead a normal life. If you’re concerned about maintaining your mobility, you’ll need to take steps to maintain it and mobility aids can play an important part in this.


What you need to consider when charging VAT

VAT or Value-Added Tax is a consumption tax that is passed on through a supply chain to the end purchaser. VAT needs to be charged on certain products or services once the business reaches the VAT threshold. This also enables the company to reclaim the VAT on any products or services that they have purchased. It is important that you follow all the relevant guidelines and the best way to do this is to work with a Swindon Accountants to get you set up properly.

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There are a number of things to consider when it comes to VAT and these include.

  • Rate of VAT to charge – there are essentially three VAT rates, a standard rate which is charged at 20%, a reduced rate which is charged at 5% and a Zero-rated which is charged at 0% and is not the same as those exempt from VAT. To understand these rates you should speak with Chippendale and Clark Accountants in Swindon who can help you with your VAT submissions.
  • VAT info on invoices – you must ensure that you separate out the VAT on your invoices and that you display your VAT registration number clearly as well.

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  • Reporting – you will need to submit VAT returns on a quarterly basis based on the date that your VAT registration was granted. It is important that you make a note of any VAT deadline dates and submit your return and pay the VAT owed by the deadline.