Are your colleagues messy at work?

Do you work in an environment where there are many colleagues who, for whatever reason, cannot tidy up? They leave their rubbish on their desks or refuse to empty the bins. Do they spill drinks all over the floor? Your manager may have implemented a cleaning rota to encourage communication and teamwork but is it working?

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Here are some suggestions to help:

Work rota for the cleaning

Create a weekly rotation with all employees included, and assign roles to each one. You could also do a “name in a hat” solution, where employees choose jobs for themselves out of a hat if they don’t like the job you have chosen for them.

In the new week, it is important to swap jobs and give some jobs to others who have not yet been included in the rota, for example. It is important to clearly mark this on a wall chart so that everyone knows their roles.

Keep your space tidy

Spot-checks could be done to ensure that you are cleaning your personal space every night. It could even be turned into a contest among colleagues. You lose points if you have a messy area. You have a better chance of winning if you accumulate more points at the end of the week or month, for example. You can do anything, from cleaning your screen and keyboard to emptying your rubbish bins. Why not spend some time thinking about ways to improve the amount of paperwork or old files being stored? To find out more about Bristol recycling and waste management, contact Printwaste who are professionals in Bristol recycling and waste management.

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Hire a company

It is a good idea to hire a cleaning company if you are a busy business and want to keep employees focused and minimise distractions. A commercial cleaning company can take care of all these chores, leaving you free to focus on important business matters.


It might be the case that staff just don’t realise the consequences of a grubby and messy work space. Now might be the right time to give a talk or presentation about how much sick time is taken from bacteria and viruses lurking around uncleaned areas of the office and the impact this has on the business. Include some facts and figures about how much productivity is improved when people have clean, fresh and clear work areas.

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