Three Things to Do Around your Home in the Spring

With the snowdrops and longer days starting to herald the arrival of spring, our homes need to change to adapt to the new season and the incoming warmer weather. Changing the way we live to suit the season helps us to be comfortable and make the most of where we live. Here are some of the things that you can do in the house now that spring is on the way…

Spring Cleaning – When it is this time of the year it is traditional to blow away the cobwebs of winter and get some spring cleaning done. The regeneration in the earth inspires us to get on and clean. Now is a good time to sort out and get rid of the things that we don’t need.

It is also a good time to really give your house a thorough and deep clean. Pay attention to all those hard to reach areas, air it out and let the spring in!

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Check your Boiler – Over the winter, the boiler has been working hard to keep you warm, and now is the time to pay it some attention to make sure that it is working properly and is safe. Get a professional like this Cheltenham boiler service company to come and service it before you turn your heating off for the warmer months.

Now is also a good time to check the rest of the heating system, like the radiators and ensure that everything is working properly. If any repairs need to be done, then you have plenty of time to do it before next winter rolls around.

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Get the Garden Ready – This time of the year is a busy period for gardeners, as the flowers start to make a comeback. Although frosts and chilly nights are certainly not off the cards yet, now is a good time to start making those all-important preparations for the summer. Start plants off in a greenhouse or even indoors on the windowsill, so that when the weather is warmer and the plants are bigger you can plant them straight out into the garden.

You can also get the garden tidied up now and cut back bushes and overgrown areas to make way for the new growth.

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