How to store your wool sweaters

There are certain rules when it comes to storing wool sweaters, but these can differ slightly depending on the type of wool sweater you own. Whether your sweater is mohair, merino or cashmere, discover the perfect way to store your wool item.

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Hanging vs folding

Most people think that hanging sweaters is the best choice to keep them in shape, especially when it comes to wool sweaters. But it’s actually better to hang them to dry and then fold them and store them in a closet. This is because the force of gravity can actually cause the sweater to become misshapen or stretched, or create unsightly shoulder bumps.


If you own a cashmere sweater, you’ll probably want to be extra careful with it, especially given that it might well be worth more than all your other sweaters put together. Cashmere is much more delicate than most wools. But most importantly, it needs to be stored away from other wool, and even silk, items. Fold your cashmere sweater between cotton if possible, but ideally, ensure it doesn’t touch anything else at all.


Most wool sweaters, such as the traditional mens fisherman sweaters available at, are made from Merino wool. These should be dried by hanging and then folded and stored in the closet.


When it comes to your mohair jumper, this should also be stored folded in a cupboard and not hung in the wardrobe. Unlike other wool sweaters, however, mohair will benefit from a good shake when you get it out to fluff it back up again. Also, never store mohair in plastic.

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Acrylic wool blends

Cheaper sweaters tend to be made with a blend of lower-quality wool and acrylic wool. You don’t generally need to take as much care with these as you would with 100% wool. Acrylic wool can even be hung without much concern about it becoming misshapen, compared to 100% natural wool.

Correct storage is key to keeping your wool sweater in tip-top condition, and wool clothing that is well looked after will last many years if not decades.

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