Goal Seeking a low cost marketing

The marketing success depends not only on the amount of investment we make, it is something we will not discuss and the proof is the large amounts of resources invested in advertising campaigns, promotions, products, distribution channels that were real failures. So this opens the door to think that we can achieve our business goals without large budgets, with low cost marketing.

We’ll discuss low cost marketing as marketing that where economic resources are low and are not a priority (not important) to achieve the intended objectives. The maximum application of low cost marketing budget is 0 and achievement of results (not get these give way to another type of marketing, bad sizing).

Goal Seeking a low cost marketingAt present, they have implemented certain tools that can help us significantly in our desire for a shoestring marketing campaigns and marketing generally efficient. Tools like the Internet, social networks, a mouth more shocking mouth, increased media mass, the viral campaign, etc., all of them are as I say, tools in which we can support to have the desired impact without the need for large economic investment, even if talent and adjust to the customer.

If you would like to comment, because it may lead to some mistake, that although our budget for marketing is 0, this cannot and should not be the slightest excuse to stop worrying an iota by making a plan marketing professional, caring, efficient and above all, consistent and generating an appropriate branding and insist on the claim to satisfy the client we are headed. If we neglect this aspect, we make marketing even at cost 0, we will get very expensive, very expensive!

As we could take action in marketing at low cost and with the desired impact:

  • Plan your marketing professionally. This requires time and talent, not money
  • Take time to research your customers, pass surveys, join them, question, all free resources?
  • Try to know in depth your competitors, visit them, socialize with them even share benchmarking actions
  • Create a position before hitting the market, you decide how you want to see your customers and consistent with that position until last consequences. If not valid for experience, reposition, always to customer tastes
  • Take time to have a market study to help you make decisions. Investigates to decide
  • Ponte sales targets to achieve by your resources and possibilities / potential market where you want to market
  • Think about creating competitive advantage for your products or services that go beyond the price, but does not have to forget this. Take time to find those advantages and less to imitate
  • Reward your customers for the efforts they make to get your product or use it, reward him!
  • Make link exchange, advertising, promotions companies with yourself target and complementary products or services
  • If you have friends artist (and if not, comes according to artists who want to publicize) for very little you can assemble Street marketing actions that you will have to monitor course. Do not leave in the hands of the actors, marketing your company
  • Have a blog to provide content of interest to your customers and renew and care that tool
  • Causes of mouth campaigns knowing opinion leaders among your customers
  • Meet customer needs and look to see how those interests can shape them with certain actions from your company. Your bar is the center of collecting funds to buy sports equipment from the ward team
  • It campaigns of solidarity and involvement with groups from your company are appreciated and rewarded by these
  • Get involved in actions of interest to your community
  • Make your employees speak well of your company, do not impose!
  • Reaches agreements with other companies to provide services or complementary products
  • Get prescribers for your company by your behavior, not your money
  • Treat the client as a person, not as the money depositor interests you
  • Become interested in the world of media, local newspapers, local television, pages of your zone of influence and interact with them as you can bring them news or content of interest to your listeners / viewers, it will be a good public relations
  • Open your mind and not focus only and only sell your products or services if you only talk about them maybe the customer you back, still indirect ways for this, look at your customer, look what your needs and acts trying to answers to these. Provides a place for an exhibition, organized a play, a psychological workshop, etc.
  • Get your main vendor is your client, is campaigning as if I bring 5 clients, purchase leaves you free
  • They speak well of you on social networks
  • Looks after social networking with professional behavior
  • Have a panel of customers to consult from time to time to control how’s it going
  • Create pricing strategies for clients, depending on the level of involvement of this with the company
  • Present your company as an organization that only seeks to increase customer loyalty. Creates “customer club brand”
  • When you customer relationship sure to generate a positive experience, whatever your activity. Let him live nice things

Thousands actions at zero cost or almost zero, can have a very positive impact on your business interests and thus for your company and brand, but I insist, knowing the customer, creativity, innovation in your business and business practices and the desire to satisfy that customer, are much more important than money resources. With low cost marketing of course you can get! Think, that often the money is only displayed as the resource incapable of marketing actions and you find in those worlds of God, for me the talent has much more impact capacity, of that I’m sure.

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