Why leaders with more confidence use humor?

Speaking of leadership styles is mandatory when analyzed how to guide a team. We could say that every leader has his, but of course, you can find categories. The leader has the fundamental task to identify and mark the path to the goal, and get the whole team travels on the same performing the necessary tasks with high performance.

Obsessed with the goal can be harmful, because it will always be set incorrectly; it may be unattainable or too conservative. Goal setting no longer a tool for high performance, and should not become an end in itself. Today we will talk about another tool when exercising leadership: humor.

Why leaders with more confidence use humorHumor is intelligence

“Humor is only possible if one is able to develop some level of abstract thinking. It could be defined as a kind of intellectual pleasure” Tristan Bekinschtein.

As leaders we are constantly trying to convince others to do things they may not want to do, or ask them to do things a certain way when they may be more naturally how or do otherwise. We have 2 options, use the command and control with the power that gives us the position, or seduce. I think we nearly all agree if we say that things will work much better if we convince and get that team members share the same vision. Better yet, if we build together a common vision equipment aligned with the objectives.

A man has 2 weapons for couples: testosterone, foolproof, but possibly generate less solid relations, and intelligence, a far more evolved to attract the desired person mode. The most elegant way to demonstrate intelligence is with humor. All we know that if we know how to make a woman laugh is half the pot.

Getting someone laugh is not easy at all, it is a very personal and cultural theme. You can leave the bad grace and look like an idiot. If you are able to do it is you’ve got to understand the other person rather profound way, have empathized, and you’ve seen that things can trigger hilarity.

Companies in the “testosteronic” style, although it has taken a long, is already a bit old fashioned. Today leadership takes more emotional terrain, and therefore necessary advanced skills in this field are to succeed.

Apply humor is one of the most effective ways to resolve stressful situations. It is essential to manage stress. We must use it whenever we can. I have a reputation for being a serious person. More in that attempt by all means fulfill my commitments and I am trustworthy. But it is also true that not all prodigal humor that should or could. I in branded genes that work is something very serious, you cannot take a joke. However I recognize that this must not be. One thing is to take things lightly and be able to integrate other humor in our everyday life, also at work.

I’m on it, but I have the problem that depart thank me better when I’m relaxed; and I am well able to laugh out loud in unison to all my classmates language school, but I find it more difficult to combine work stress make jokes. But I am convinced of its importance and getting better.

With humor also you show confidence in yourself. And this is very important for your team.

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