mCommerce, reality or future?

Studies show that consumption habits and ways of buying of consumers are changing. In recent years, has increased the time spent to be connected to the Internet and the use made of the different devices through which they are connected is totally different because the use of mobile devices is growing and occurs in virtually all user activities (work, sleep, eat, etc).

The media sector pay also has had to change to accommodate this demand. Studies show we headed to a scenario where most purchases are made through e-commerce, according to the study by the National Observatory of Telecommunications, it is expected that in 2015 33% of Spaniards make their purchases on-line.

mCommerce, reality or futureAmong the forms of payment via Internet, Mobile Commerce is positioning itself as the alternative payment in the coming years, according to a study by Juniper Research is expected that by 2017 more than 2 billion users will perform a transaction through a Smartphone or Tablet. Even so, payment via mobile phone is positioned as the future trend in the sector means of payment, since 58% of Spaniards looking and purchase mobile, as reflected in the study by OBS Online Business School, which can also be observed that the use of mobile phones to make purchases increase, as Spain is the European country with the highest penetration of smartphone use, 57% of its inhabitants have one.

The challenges to be raised in the future business and media sector are paid.

  • Getting to know the client, suit your needs and know how to respond to their demands to deliver personalized services.
  • Develop payment methods that simplify the buying process based on innovation and new channels available, without forgetting at any moment the safety of operations.
  • Getting to know the client, suit your needs and know how to respond to their demands to deliver personalized services.
  • Define a strategy Omnichannel payment where both channels at the point of sale and online, are integrated and complement each other. As was reflected in the second edition of Mobile Commerce Congress.

Companies should be aware that much remains to know of consumers and 73% of purchases are initiated online and still end in physical store. Probably in the next few years consumers have migrated and have adapted to new payment technologies such as NFC, biometric authentication, wallets, mPOS, tokenization, etc. We must find the balance point to keep innovating and simplifying forms of payment, taking into account all the channels through which consumers can shop.

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