7 out of 10 companies allocate more resources to marketing content for customers

Content marketing is emerging as an effective strategy in generating leads. As reflected in the survey of Demand Metric Research Corporation, 70% of companies allocate more resources in this area, in order to capture contacts interested.

The study, conducted among 200 companies B2B reflects their dissatisfaction with the limited effectiveness of traditional techniques in getting customers. Less than 10% of respondents believe that these actions are really effective. On the other hand, 58% of them claims that its acquisition strategy leads not deliver the expected results.

7 out of 10 companies allocate more resources to marketing content for customersAmong the techniques used today to attract customers interested, outstandingly e-mail marketing (78%), along with participation in fairs and events (73%). Also, 67% commitment to content marketing.

These organizations indicate that the most effective way to collect this valuable information is the web form itself (73%), while the CRM is the most widely used software for management (45%).

Therefore, these companies have reconsidered their strategy, focusing its efforts on those options that offer better results. Thus, the survey indicates that 7 out of 10 companies allocate more resources to marketing content. Meanwhile, participation in events and fairs will most suffer budget cuts.40% of companies plan to reduce its investment in this area.

Companies use content marketing more and better than ever

Content marketing has proven its effectiveness in capturing the attention of the target audience, unobtrusively, and get their favorable treatment. For this reason it has become a priority for 40% of companies; as it indicated by the study Bite in March. A trend that earlier this year showed the CMI (Content Marketing Insitute) and MarketingProfs, recording that 60% of marketers planned to devote more resources to generating content in 2014.

An activity that is present both in the strategy of B2B organizations (50%) and B2C (68%), and whose effectiveness is reflected in increasing brand awareness (85.1%), and the generation quality leads (62.3%), as reflected Curata in January.

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