SMEs are willing to pay more attention to its customers and small details

The customer must be the center around which turn the company. It is important to consider your needs and interests when designing a sales strategy, creating a new product, planning the marketing campaign and, of course, enable the channels to allow access to it and promote direct communication and fluid.

Small businesses have the advantage of their smaller size, allowing them a better response agility, adapting to changes and greater flexibility to adapt to their needs, and offering personalized service. Benefits must be used as differential values; some attributes that can be applied to improve the shopping experience:

SMEs are willing to pay more attention to its customers and small detailsThus, small companies are willing to pay more attention to small details. Such is the case of shipments, which can be customized with a detail depending on the tastes and preferences of the customer; instead of the standard sample or coupon that would send any e-commerce giant.

Thanks to technological advances, the company can detect in real time who interrupted their buying process. An opportunity to get closer to the customer, find out the reason for their abandonment and to retrieve the cart. 46% of purchases are not completed due to usability problems or page load (SaleCycle). In these cases, timely intervention by the company could contribute positively to improve the conversion rate, and contribute to solving last minute doubts.

Use personal data for more than just to fill document. Besides your birthday, we can investigate further based on their purchase history, and send either an offer to purchase repeat the action, after a reasonable time, either to acquire a complementary product. You can also take advantage of seasonal changes to launch specific promotions.

Social networks are an effective channel to promote relations with customers, especially small scale. Retailers have the opportunity to learn more about who bought their products, and use these means to fidelizarles. So, it should design actions aimed at promoting engagement, inviting them to participate and interact with the brand. For example, creating photo contests where customers upload their photos using the products. It is a way to become familiar with the brand, and promote closer.

Therefore, small and medium enterprises have the ability to bridge the gap between the brand and the customer, and thus the possibility to strengthen the link and provide a fully satisfying experience. It’s a matter of becoming the firm intention to meet this objective.

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