How to Clean Windows without Leaving Smears

One of the biggest challenges that arises when cleaning windows is the fact that is incredibly easy to leave smears on the surface of the glass. Learning how to get sparkling clean windows ensures that the lightest as possible shines into your home. Clean windows can immediately lift the overall appearance of a house.

How to Clean Windows without Leaving Smears

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Here are some of the most effective window cleaning tips available:

  1. Remove Blinds and Curtains First

Before you begin to clean the windows, it is advised to remove the built up dust by taking down the blinds and curtains. You may even want to wash your blinds separately since they tend to collect quite a bit of dust over time.

  1. Try a Sponge

Most window smears arise from using too much soap in the solution. Instead of dunking the sponge into too much washing up liquid, dip it in warm soapy water with as little suds as possible. Excess water can be wiped off with a squeegee blade for ultimate efficiency.

  1. Wash on A Cloudy Day

It may sound strange, but washing your windows on a cloudy day is more effective because a sunny day dries the glass really fast. This, in turn, results in large streaks forming on the glass surface.

  1. Twice a Year

According to House to Home, you should really be cleaning all of the windows in your house at least twice a year. Clean windows can have an immediate impact on the room. It allows more light to get in, making the room seem brighter and spacious.

  1. Quality Windows

If you are wondering why some windows let more light in and keep the heat in more than others, it is because of the varying glass qualities. Keane Windows offer a range of different kinds of windows, including double glazing Dublin options that are corrosion resistant and come fitted with a special anti-theft technology. This is referred to as Multi Shootbolt locking mechanism which guarantees no forced entries.

  1. Vinegar Solution

Vinegar has been a tried and tested method to clean a lot of different kinds of stains. One particularly effective use for vinegar is for cleaning windows. Fetch a small bucket of warm water and add two tablespoons of vinegar to provide the glass with extra shine.

  1. Newspapers

An old favourite amongst cleaning enthusiasts is the crumpled newspaper technique. You can use this to buff the glass. The sparkle is provided thanks to the printing ink on the newspaper.

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