Consult consumers up to 12 different sources before saying to buy

The journey that travels consumers during the purchase process is increasingly complex. The number of sources, as well as devices and places involved has increased significantly in recent years.

As recorded by the study of Google and Inmar, in 2010, users up to 5 different sources consulted before buying. In just three years, that number has increased to 12.

In this search process, mobile devices have achieved unprecedented prominence, increasing 40% year after year. Last year, 52% of shoppers used their mobile device to their Christmas shopping; 40% of purchases registered Black Friday was recorded in these smart terminals.

Consult consumers up to 12 different sources before saying to buyThis season, in which we are already, consumers are more informed than ever. Before making your final purchase decision, spend hours browsing online, looking for the best options. An activity for which use different devices within reach.

The time devoted to these consumers online searches has increased at least 2 hours in the last 3 years; 3 hours, 11 minutes recorded in 2010, at 5 hours, 46 minutes last year. A dedication that is much higher, in the case of the most popular Christmas products, such as toys, or home accessories. In the case of toys, customers increased by just one year, from 9.9 to 12 hours.

An interesting fact to be considered by the retailers is that the time to start preparing your Christmas list purchase, most of them is willing to listen and evaluate all kinds of recommendations and suggestions. The study data published by Google and Ipsos after Christmas last season showed that 57% of consumers had not previously defined any brand or product. This shows that companies have a great opportunity to impress and convince your target audience.

To reach these customers, brands need to develop a marketing strategy with comprehensive coverage that includes both a variety of channels, such as devices.

On the one hand, search engines continue to be a source of preferential information. comScore indicates that each month 18 billion online searches are performed only on the computer. These consumers seek information and recommendations on specific products, both by the brand, as other customers.

Also, consumers turn to social networks for opinions and suggestions on what to buy, and, of course, gladly welcome all kinds of offers, discounts and promotions; which can be found through multiple channels, including your email inbox. We cannot forget the consumer preference for audiovisual content, sued the Internet.

Therefore, any channel can be valid to capture the attention of the target audience, and provide useful information for their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, facing the imminent Christmas season, it is important to increase the visibility and accessibility of products and brands. A reputation that must be present across different devices and points of contact throughout the process.

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