Finding the Right Timeshare for Your Needs

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a timeshare. These might include how frequently you go on holiday and where and when, as well as whether you have any additional needs and requirements. Before making your decision you should also think about whether your holiday habits may change in the future.

Before purchasing a timeshare, carry out some research about timeshares and the area you are considering investing in. The Timeshare Association (TATOC) can offer help and advice.

Finding the Right Timeshare for Your Needs

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Retired Couples or Those with No Children

Retired couples or those with no children typically have the luxury of greater flexibility. They are rarely tied to buying a week outside of school term time and as such can often take advantage of some cheaper deals. Buying timeshare holiday weeks outside of peak times can enable people to make considerable savings. Timeshare owners can also benefit from bonus weeks, late breaks and extra holidays — all fantastic value and which would otherwise cost considerably more. 

Young Couples and Single Travellers

There are plenty of options available for young couples. Research carried out by Bournemouth University and commissioned by the Resort Development Association suggested ways to make timeshares more attractive to Generation X.

Young couples or single travellers may have the advantage of flexibility and be able to go away during off-peak periods. Not only does this give them more choice, but it can work out a lot cheaper. However, they should consider how their holiday needs might change in the near future. Timeshares are typically taken on for a number of years, so before taking the plunge they may like to think about the timing of the timeshare week as well as the location. It is sensible to choose a timeshare that will continue to be suitable as the family unit grows. Of course, it is possible to swap weeks and locations using various swap schemes. Alternatively, timeshare points can work very well as a low-cost entry to the scheme and can be increased as and when necessary.

If timeshare owners find that their needs change and their timeshare is no longer convenient, they may think about selling their investment.


For those with children in school, it is important to own a week outside of school term time. Timesharing can be really good value when compared to other types of holidays. Owners may be required to pay an additional initial premium to own a peak week, but annual costs are usually the same as for those owning off season weeks. After the first year, the timeshare holiday will prove even better value. In addition, selling or exchanging the timeshare will be easy given that peak weeks are highly desirable.

Owning a floating week may not work quite so well unless they definitely cover peak times (Gold Holiday or Platinum floating weeks) and owners are prepared to book well in advance to ensure the availability of a week in the school holidays.

Timeshare points can also work well, especially for those who are looking for more choice and flexibility or have older children.

You may even decide that you’d rather find a convenient spot either here or abroad and invest your money into building your own property to rent out or holiday in.  Be sure to contact local land registry’s and a surveyor and relevant architect before committing.  Then once you have an agreed place, find the right equipment, Timber frame construction company qtfhomes have easy to assemble wooden frames to help with your dream build investment.

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