Word of mouth becomes the best influence on the purchase decision female audience

The current market trends have led to brands and companies to seek new avenues of communication with their customers. Trnd, he has conducted a study with a sample of 2,680 women to meet the communication channels most used when choosing particular brand or product.

The study results support the importance of the recommendations in the habit of buying, word of mouth among customers and potential consumers, through their views influence the purchase of the people around them. Over 98% of respondents claim that in the past year have recommended a product, service or company someone around them; 92.3% of women have chosen a company or brand to have heard or read a good experience of another person, and 85.8% of them have shared information about a brand on the Internet, blogs or social networks.

Word of mouth becomes the best influence on the purchase decision female audienceWord of mouth has also made 63.4% of respondents avoid a company or brand to have heard or read a bad experience of another consumer; and 73.9% of cases, they themselves have to change someone’s opinion about buying a product or service.

More than 88% of women resort to online reviews of brands before making a purchase decision; and 80.2% of cases, an unknown brand to rely on their website before buying your products or services.

With regard to advertising, more than 45% of respondents prefer to discover the brands or products themselves to get recommendations from websites based on their previous purchases. According to their opinions, 38.3% agree that the quality of ads brands do not influence the purchasing decision; compared with 29.7% who think yes. More than 73% say that a product is promoted by a famous he admires not affect your buying decision.

The results of the study show the importance today of developing new marketing trends for brands to reach consumers, making them part of the brand and inviting them to prescribe the product or service, as the effect of a recommendation exceeds to an advertisement. Consumers verify that advertising has given way to collaborative marketing.

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