Neuromarketing: Marketing and Science in the consumer’s mind

Even though many already be knowledgeable of what it does mean, we clarify that the neuromarketing refers to the application of different techniques associated with the neurosciences on the field of marketing, communication and advertising.

Summarizing these applications, the aim of neuromarketing is based primarily on work on behaviors, perceptions, sensations and emotions of consumers to improve techniques and strategies that will be submitted later or directed. That is, studying brain processes that explain the behavior and decisions of individuals.

All these aspects of consumer behavior are analyzed to solve different issues and scenarios common in the business world. Seduce and retaining customers, influence their purchasing decision, enhance incentives for greater advertising impact, etc … all learning from the relationship and causes of mind and behavior.

Neuromarketing Marketing and Science in the consumers mindToday, these techniques are used strategically to attack on the subconscious mind to reach consumers and convince them that your product is the best.

Generally, for the vast majority of consumers advertising techniques based on neuromarketing may not be noticeable or go unnoticed because its effects are entirely developed in our brain. However their effectiveness and influence are amply demonstrated.

Decades ago, emerged surprisingly a concept called “subliminal Publicized” resorting to the encouragement of our minds based on audiovisual messages emitted below the threshold of perception of our conscious and through which, you could get incite or influence consumers to consumption of a particular product.

Indeed these practices considered by many unorthodox, were the proof that the minds of consumers can be recipients of such messages, thereby altering perceptions about their actions and decisions of purchase.

Although the science of neuromarketing is well known within the advertising and marketing industry, refer to the brain as neural core of our minds, means accepting that this, is both a complete unknown even to science itself and its limitations are equally unknown form.

In this regard, research on this field continue to discover new tracks, advances and important aspects of the functioning and brain response to certain types of stimuli and their practical application in the world of marketing.

Similarly, other key medical disciplines such as neuropsychology, are helping to understand these mechanisms and effects caused by different types of stimuli by experimental methods based on clinical observation supported studies of brain imaging or functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) consisting of a clinical and research procedure that allows images show brain regions active during the development of certain actions or stimuli of our body.

Being knowledgeable about the emotional response of the consumer or how to start this phenomenon to “catch” their attention and generate influence on their purchasing decisions, they are certainly the objectives of Neuromarketing applied to the business world and mercadotenia.

Images, colors, sounds, settings, messages, etc … there are many elements that may form part of the right formula to seduce the consumer so that it would be unreasonable to think in the not too distant future where customers of a particular trade will experience such as lights or colors, and even music has change or adapt their emotional preferences.

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