Setting up a Pop up Shop in Ireland – a How to Guide

Pop-up shops can be seen in towns and cities around Ireland – and the world – especially during peak periods, such as the summer season and the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Setting up a Pop up Shop in Ireland - a How to Guide

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For consumers, these shops can offer a new and exciting experience, or just added convenience at busy times of the year, whilst for businesses, they are a lower-cost choice for makers, designers, artists and brands to sell and advertise their services and goods.

For companies or individuals considering a pop-up shop as a business option, there are things that should be considered to help optimise the chance of success and minimise risk factors.

The Right Location

The right space for the pop-up shop can be the make-or-break factor and there are a number of ways to find the best location. The first choice is to contact the local county council and discuss any potential retail spaces that might be on offer.

Councils will often be willing to consider genuine proposals as they would prefer not have commercial properties sitting empty in town or city centres.

Dún Laoghaire County Council, for example, was well known for setting up its own pop-up shop scheme. The aims of the initiative were to lower the visual impact caused by empty properties, as well as to increase footfall, provide lower cost space to be used by community organisations, local business and social enterprise, and to build publicity in the area.

Another possibility is to find a great space and then make a direct approach to the landlord.

Making the Most of Space

It is vital to make the most of the space that is chosen. This may mean making full use of in-house imagination or enlisting the services of Irish or Belfast shopfitting experts and specialists in designing pop-up shops such as RMC.

Rules and Regulations

People setting up pop-up shops must ensure that all regulations are complied with, these could be general laws or terms and conditions set by councils. More information about government business regulations can be found online.

In Dún Laoghaire, meanwhile, tenants must possess both contents and public liability insurance. They also have to demonstrate their appropriateness for a shop, as well as for the surrounding area, have some experience and not conflict with nearby retailers.

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