Some of the Most Common Questions That Cosmetic Dentists Hear From Clients

Cosmetic dentistry is growing more popular in Europe and is now frequently turned to as a means of beautification and age reduction. A clean, bright, well-aligned smile can work wonders for your confidence and give your whole life a lift. At the same time, new technology is increasing the number of cosmetic treatments available to choose from.

Some of the Most Common Questions That Cosmetic Dentists Hear From Clients

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The technology behind cosmetic dentistry has advanced hugely over recent years, so to clarify what options are available to them, patients may need to spend some time in discussion with their dentist. Some of the more commonly asked questions are listed below.

Can I lighten the colour of my teeth?

Whitening involves removing stains that have accumulated on your teeth over the years from food and drink. Teeth can be whitened using a variety of procedures, some that last longer than others.

Can my crooked teeth be straightened?

Teeth straightening has been performed using orthodontic braces. However, there is a new Invisalign technique that uses invisible appliances to move teeth and this is becoming popular, particularly during the teenage years.

What is a bridge?

These are permanent fixtures that hold a false tooth in place. The bridge is attached to the teeth either side of the missing tooth.

How can a gap between my teeth be filled?

This can be done in several ways, the most common being dentures, bridges or implants. If the gap is small it can be covered by a veneer.

Does my badly broken tooth need to be removed?

No, a crown can be made and fitted to the remnant of the natural tooth. The surface of the new crown will form the occlusal surface.

What is a crown made of?

New materials are becoming more readily available. The most commonly used ones in the past were porcelain or gold.

Cardiff cosmetic dentistry is available from several private clinics such as Cathedral Dental Clinic ( If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry and would like to find out more from a dentist near you, check out the list of British Dental Association members.

Cosmetic dentistry is a healthy option, as you end up with an improved set of teeth that will be easier to maintain and therefore hopefully require less dental treatment in the future.

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