Consumers are still reluctant to buy from their mobile

Mobile traffic increases, but not the percentage of sales recorded through these devices. Undeniably it admits that mobile commerce advances, although still a very slow pace.

According to the study by ShopVisible, during the first half of the year, more than a third of those registered by the remnants visits came from these intelligent terminals, both smartphones and tablets; however, these visits resulted in sales at a lower percentage than expected.

Consumers are still reluctant to buy from their mobileThe benefit of these retailers between January and June 2014 increased by 18% over the same period last year. Special mention June, where the increase was 42%. Specifically, the number of products sold increased by 20%, while the number of products per purchase grew by 11%.

The study also demonstrates the importance of optimizing the page, thereby improving usability and user experience. The result of which the return is conducive customers and their loyalty is encouraged. Proof of this is that the AOV (Average Order Value) has been increasing gradually over the 6-month study (from 130 $ to 147 $). Also, this figure was higher than in 2013 (from 122 $ to 131 $).

ShopVisible attributed 38% of the web traffic to mobile devices. Specifically, smartphones recorded 21% of visits, while 17% took place in the tablets.Smartphones are, with a remarkable distance, devices that convert less.From these visits, 6% completed the purchase, along with 13% of the tablet.Again, the computer remains the preferred means to buy online, registering 81% of transactions.

According to their findings, effectively users are increasingly turning frequently to your smartphone or tablet to find information and compare prices on products and services; although such research usually has no happy ending. Also, the amount of purchases completed through these devices is usually lower.

As you can see, users are turning to their mobile devices more and more frequently during the process. However, there are still constraints that hinder conversion into these terminals. The user experience plays a decisive role in this regard.

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