Keys to an online reputation crisis does not end in a real fire

Suffer an online crisis is a major fear that any communication department of a brand faces. The proliferation of social media has given a voice to users who, empowered by your smartphone, do not hesitate to launch the world its criticism or complaint about that action they consider unfair or worthy of rejection. A fact that may seriously jeopardize the reputation of the brand.

2.0 Thanks to the media, the news spread like wildfire. A rate that contrasts with the extreme slowness on the part of companies to take action on the matter and work to mitigate the consequences and solve the problem. An inability reaction which revealed the study published a month ago by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. According to which half of the companies recognizes not be prepared to face a crisis of reputation, its main problem inability to react in time, effectively.

Keys to an online reputation crisis does not end in a real fireAccording to his data, news can get an international reach in one hour (28%), as much one day (69%), while companies take on average 21 hours to make an appearance.

Worst of all is that 2 out of 3 of the effects of these attacks could have been mitigated brand largely thanks to adequate strategic planning, that would anticipate events. Hence the need for a management strategy of online crisis, and take into account the following aspects:

The first step is to design a strategy online crisis, including guidelines for action in various scenarios, which can range from the most common and everyday to those of major consequences.

Having a team, whose functions appear crisis management. In designing your profile must be detailed activities, requirements and availability of each member. This team has to work seamlessly and have its own communication, always active way. To do this you can use private groups through any instant messaging service. The important thing is to keep permanently informed the team and always act under a single voice.

Set both responsible for each area as the means of contact with them , as well as situations where they have to be informed or to use them for direct intervention.

Prevention is the best defense. The company should know your weaknesses and work to strengthen them , creating positive results in their favor as well as cultivating satisfied customers who, when the time comesto act in defense of the mark.

Monitoring tools are essential to detect the problem at the time it occurs and thus able to operate well in advance. The online management strategy crises have a specific section on monitoring actions in case of crisis.

You design the protocol for action in a negative comment. This is a first wake- up call, so those responsible for managing the online reputation must be clear about what to do at all times.

Have a document of good practices and privacy policy in the case of forums and blogs. With the emergence of criticism in the website of the company, it has the power to moderate, accept or delete messages that so deems appropriate. Always taking into account that the user has the right to express themselves freely and, to a relentless censorship, will seek another avenue to vent their displeasure; which will take to act in areas outside our control and may thereby aggravate the consequences of their actions.Ideally manage these situations in their own land, thereby limiting its scope.

Each step must be properly planned and controlled. Just as important that monitoring is monitoring incidents and actions as a result of the crisis.The best way to control the focus of the problem and prevent it from spreading is to monitor every step and remain attentive to its evolution.

Anticipation is the basis of success. In these situations, should exercise caution and get the worst. Something as simple as listing a series of negative and register domains, especially those related hashtags used.

Act as main source of information is a crucial factor. In a crisis of reputation, both the victims and the public seeking information, they want to know all the details promptly. Therefore, the best way is to use all possible communication channels, including social channels to make an appearance and get as spreading the message.

Depending on the magnitude of the problem, you should enable specific channels to provide information. As designate various spokespersons, specialists in each area, in order to give professional image at all times and will to solve the situation.

Should apply the law of transparency. There is no point lying, or trying to hide the facts. Given the vague information, users will use alternative channels, or choose to issue their own conclusions. It is advisable to promptly provide an elaborate, comprehensive and coherent report, consistent with the strategy of the company.

The public expects the company to assume its responsibility and act accordingly, doing everything in their power to solve the problem and mitigate its effects. It is therefore appropriate to make an act of contrition and mea culpa, as a first step before providing solutions.

Once it settled the matter, should study the evolution of the crisis, assess their damages and analyze the actions carried out in order to draw conclusions for future problems and improve reputations.

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