Things that we know the social media – Banishing 10 great myths

Talk about Social Media is synonymous with business success? Easy access to social networks and unlimited number of tools, platforms and existing functionality, open the doors to a “new” world where the influence is measured relative to the ability to access our target audience and give them exactly what they are looking for, and distinguish ourselves from our competition.

Sounds easy right ?, But it is not, be in social networks is necessary and demanding.

Things that we know the social media - Banishing 10 great mythsMyth No. 1 social networks are free

Create a profile for free, but consolidate a real presence and achieve influence, it has a high cost.

The key to optimize our network presence lies in having very clear objectives and you discuss in the context of our resources, our expertise and our market. Consolidate the influence is not free.

Myth 2, success is copying what others do

Watch out!. To start one of the keys to success in our strategies in social media, it lies in being unique and original. Other brands have been successful with a specific strategy, it does not mean that we will happen the same. Today, the influence depends on multiple factors, highlighting the quality and originality, as indispensable.

Myth number 3, the network marketing is “all”

There are where our target audience. Marketing itself networks, provided that, let’s assume that at the present time is the relationships we build people, it is to interact, it is ultimately to stop lake push strategies and implement a “pull and stay”.

Acquaintances, friends, customers, partners. We can not sell directly to who does not know us, trust and credibility underpin the influence and … shopping.

Myth No. 4 the bigger the better networks

Only when your networks growth is a result of the generation of quality content, commitment to the network and the permanent and personalized interaction with our fans, the efficiency of the social fabric is measurable.

Myth No. 5 Competitions are the fastest ways to generate loyalty

The only way to implement a contest on Facebook is through the use of a third party application. Contests and sweepstakes are certainly very favorable to generate impact and attract users to our brand. However, if we generate loyalty, what works best is to deliver quality. It is better to capture the attention of our client, before launching a sweepstakes.

Myth number 6. Social Integration for Ubiquitous

Whenever we enter the “automation” process in the social fabric us.We doubt; because, generate confidence seems linked to a real and unique presence on every social network, right?

Whether we choose to automate and integrate our presence, as if we establish a period in which it will be individual in each of the lattices, efforts should be channeled in attracting the attention of the customer looking for quality, not just free stuff.

Myth No. 6 major obstacle ROI for brands

My experience makes me differ totally from those who think that social action can not be measured. Metrics allow and develop a good network monitoring strategy is the most efficient way to define the return on our investment.

Myth No. 7 Companies have no place in B2B social networks

One of the great challenges for companies and brands in 2012 lies in being able to “open” their minds to the real possibilities of the social fabric. Those companies who think that, because their customers are other businesses, do not need the social fabric, are wrong.

Companies are people and people are in social networks.

Myth 8 exaltation of values is unfeigned

Online relationships are fake. The exaltation of the values inherent in the individual is merely a immersed in a marketing strategy action. In a universe where everything is planned, configured and encompassed in an action plan, is it possible to build real relationships?

That is another of the great challenges presented to us by the social media, relations on the Internet can (and should) be solid and real, final consumption does not occur today without a soft mattress trust and credibility, and both are only possible through links term extension cord.

Myth No. 9 Disempower social networking brands

You can not separate the social phenomenon of anthropology. Brands that do good things will be benefited by the loss of control of your message in the hands of their networks. Deliver quality, interact, respond, exercising committed, passionate and genuine social action, is that the loss of control occurs in networks, it becomes the joint benefit of the brand and its customers, thereby increasing the influence and visibility In the net.

And … finally, myth number 10 businesses online = safe and quick success.

Brief: perseverance, perseverance, commitment, trust, interaction, dialogue, efficient crisis management … a concept rather than help us to accept that online businesses = success only if things are done well.

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