Fatal Errors in marketing strategy that can kill a startup

In the world of entrepreneurs, getting to reach consumers is a crucial element. Seduce the market, making everyone talk about the product or company and push them all to become faithful consumers are key to turning what is a dream into a real business opportunity and successful elements. Therefore, many books, articles and spend time entrepreneurs understand how can a small business venture appear in the media, how to get positive coverage and how to make the mainstream media speak of one.

In addition, those responsible for viral startups dream of becoming, be the focus of what is important in the network and using four marketing gimmicks mutate into the great stars of the moment. To advertise themselves is crucial for highlighting and therefore decide startups money and effort into marketing. But the truth is that it is not gold that glitters and companies also have to keep in mind that all these efforts have a flip side that can have an impact that is not expected.

Can marketing efforts have a negative scope at work startups are doing to make themselves known? It can happen. In fact, a lot of effort in marketing can put a small company in jeopardy if ignores the power of what you are doing may develop. Nobody would think of riding a thoroughbred horse if in fact all he knows is cycling. Nobody would occur should do a marketing campaign with multinational scope if it’s a startup.

Fatal Errors in marketing strategy that can kill a startupStill, the risks that marketing can have on a startup can be controlled. In Mashable, have developed a sort of Decalogue (although instead of 10 has 7 points) on the weaknesses that could endanger a small business when thrown to make an effort in marketing.

Forgetting create interest before the product appears

It is a common mistake in the world of startups: the idea, product or service are very important for their creators and therefore work tirelessly in getting the best of it, in order to have a perfect item to show the consumer final. During all previous work the big launch day, those responsible for the startup focus on confirming that they are getting all the best from this brilliant idea that have and forget the world outside.

But this is a mistake: as remember in this list of errors, creating a peak of interest before the product is displayed is essential to ensure that when it reaches the market and has a mass of consumers who are interested in seeing what it is and how it works. Staying under the radar, they say, is not the best idea.

Do not build an audience

And indeed, this first error is very much in line with the next big mistake they can make startups when launching a product. No matter you have created the best proposal of the market if it does not have anyone waiting or fails there is a mass of consumers willing to test it, end up having little interest in the product. People are the key to success and small businesses in need.

How a hearing is built? The recommendation is to not wait for the product to reach the final stage: you can start working with small groups of consumers who will be the first outpost and give the first feedback on how the product works being created.

Overvalue the corporate website

The corporate website is the showcase of the product and the company to the world and therefore it is very important. No one denies the value and importance of working to work in the best way possible and become a calling card of the brand values. But the corporate website corporate website is just not a magic fountain. You cannot expect miracles from it or that it is the one that saves the company forever.

Therefore devote excessive effort and overwhelming attention to how it should be the website of the company is an error. You have to focus, remember to Mashable, the quality of the product and be able to provide quality and value to consumers. In addition, always keep in mind the image of a brand is not etched in granite. May over time reset force brand and product branding and change, thus the company website?

Not sufficiently assess the content

And while entrepreneurs are concerned about how the web is visually company, often forget the importance of content for the company. The content is critical to position the corporate website within the network, but not only serves to SEO. In addition, it is essential to become a leading voice in the market.

And, after all, one should not forget that content marketing is one of the big trends for 2015. The 90% of companies already practiced in some way and 68% of consumers claim it their company’s reference. For the user, it is a different way of relating not only businesses but also to feel that these offer added value. For a startup it is therefore more directly to the heart of your potential buyer way.

Go crazy with networking

Perhaps the fault have all those articles and books that say the only way to succeed (or one of the best ways to do) is to have a wide network of contacts that support and enable learning new things, make known product launches and make this reach more people. Networking is possibly the last panacea added to the list, the universal remedy for all problems.

But reality is not so miraculous go crazy with the idea of networking as an invincible formula for raising awareness of the company can be a mistake. The networking needs a strategy, like everything in this life. If not, it’s just a way to waste time (and time for an entrepreneur, it translates into money).Before jumping to relate to many people as possible should be established not only a strategy of what it will do and when but also objectives that must be met or wait.

Go wrong in choosing the responsible

Communication is very important and to get the company message to consumers is essential to establish a public and ensure future success. Therefore, the person responsible for this work is a basic and fundamental profile in the structure of the company and who will depend on many things that will determine the success or failure of the company.

However, startups are usually companies with a very limited budget, prompting them to reduce all possible expenses. And as social media publish or write a press release it does not seem so complicated, often leave in the hands too inexperienced to do the job responsible for communication and marketing. A fellow may not be the solution responsible for this area is too important to leave in low-skilled hands.

Worrying too much from others

Be attentive to what the competition is a basic and fundamental element to know what is happening in the market, but should not be the only thing that determines how they act or what check all decisions made. Yes, we should not lose sight of the competition. But no, you do not want to be like them. Each company is different and therefore each has to find his own voice.

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