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Fatal Errors in marketing strategy that can kill a startup

In the world of entrepreneurs, getting to reach consumers is a crucial element. Seduce the market, making everyone talk about the product or company and push them all to become faithful consumers are key to turning what is a dream into a real business opportunity and successful elements. Therefore, many books, articles and spend time entrepreneurs understand how can a small business venture appear in the media, how to get positive coverage and how to make the mainstream media speak of one.

In addition, those responsible for viral startups dream of becoming, be the focus of what is important in the network and using four marketing gimmicks mutate into the great stars of the moment. To advertise themselves is crucial for highlighting and therefore decide startups money and effort into marketing. But the truth is that it is not gold that glitters and companies also have to keep in mind that all these efforts have a flip side that can have an impact that is not expected.

Can marketing efforts have a negative scope at work startups are doing to make themselves known? It can happen. In fact, a lot of effort in marketing can put a small company in jeopardy if ignores the power of what you are doing may develop. Nobody would think of riding a thoroughbred horse if in fact all he knows is cycling. Nobody would occur should do a marketing campaign with multinational scope if it’s a startup. Continue reading Fatal Errors in marketing strategy that can kill a startup