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    Draw with a digital pen allows for early detection of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson

    One of the great forgotten in today's technological world, and will not be because he has not tried, is the digital pen. I do not mean to pointers to facilitate ...

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    The neural networks based on IBM processor grows, and has 48 million digital neurons

    A year ago, IBM announced the creation of a different processor than we had known. According to them, they had managed to produce a design inspired by the Brain and ...

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    Optogenetics in action, small wireless mouse to control LEDs in their neurons

    One of the most promising science future is optogenetics that allows brain cells turn on and off with pulses of light that can be controlled very accurately. So far one ...

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    How to Promote Your Business Without Spending Too

    One of the main issues of concern to employers is how to get more customers. But more than that, they want to find customers who purchase and consume in their ...

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    Business Ideas: Babies Child Care at Home

    Imagine that your partner and want to get out on a Friday night for dinner, dancing or just spend time together. It all sounds wonderful except for one thing: there ...

20 Mar


Strange as it may seem but if you start to go “Do, do, do, da dada do do dodo dooooo” and then make a motorbike ...
27 Feb

Roman Dining Floor

After the Romans had conquered Britain the locals that had helped them decided that rather than living in the mud and wood roundhouses they’d had ...
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