Tips for staying calm at the airport

Do you love going on holiday but break into a cold sweat at the thought of the airport? While some people love the bustle, excitement and waiting around in departures, most of us would rather be magically transported to our destination without all the hassle. If you find your stress starts increasing as soon as you walk up to check-in, here are some tips for keeping calm at the airport:

  1. Let someone else drive

Driving to the airport, finding the right terminal and locating the car park is enough to set anyone on edge. Choosing public transport also means lugging your bags around and relying on others to get you there on time. The most relaxing option is to let someone drive you in comfort, so you can begin your holiday from your doorstep and not when you step off the plane! For Coach Hire Dorset could be the solution. For coach hire in Dorset visit Turners Coaches today.

  1. Have everything to hand

Avoid stress by having all of your important documents easy to reach. Place boarding passes, passports, tickets and flight information in the same pocket of your bag each time you travel, so reaching for it becomes second nature. This will save time and you from panicking to find the right documents at the right time.

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  1. Weigh luggage before getting to the airport

A set of luggage scales is a must-have accessory for frequent flyers. They can save you from embarrassment and hold-ups at check-in and help you avoid costly additional charges from the airline. This also means you don’t have to feel apprehensive on check-in and can just relax.

  1. Check the latest security measures

Getting through security can be time-consuming, especially when people don’t prepare for what’s involved. Understand that you might get patted down, be prepared to remove your shoes, take laptops out of bags and walk through scanners etc.

  1. Be patient and breathe

Nobody enjoys queueing but there’s no point in losing your temper, getting uptight or being miserable about it. Take a deep breath and practice some patience next time you’re in an airport. Do what you can to help speed up things but for the times when you can’t, just relax and accept the situation.

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  1. Be kind to yourself

Plan in advance to spend your time in the airport indulging yourself or having a treat. It is the start of your holiday after all! Buy a best-selling book, treat yourself to some perfume or see if there’s a spa or salon on site. Save the time you’ll be waiting around at the airport to do something nice for yourself.

  1. Give yourself lots of time

So, these days with online check-ins, you don’t need to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight but it’s still a good idea to be there at least a couple of hours ahead of time. This way you can check-in your luggage and clear security at a relaxed pace instead of panicking to get to the gate on time.

  1. Keep focusing on the destination

Try not to become overly distracted by the queues and people but on the excitement of flying and getting away for a holiday. If you feel your anxiety levels increasing, think about your destination and that a little stress at a bothersome airport is totally worth it.





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