Six tricks for flawless eye makeup

Applying foundation and lipstick is quite straightforward compared to getting your eye makeup right. Here are six tricks you need to know in order to nail it.

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Choose the right tools

Your brush makes a real difference to applying eyeshadow well. A soft and fluffy brush will apply less colour than a firmer one, giving a much more natural look. If you are aiming to create a defined crease, a pointed, tapering brush will give you a soft and diffused line.

Choose the best shade of eyeshadow

Your natural eye colour defines which eyeshadow shades suit you best. People with hazel or brown eyes are fortunate because almost any colour will look good, but a greyish beige is always really flattering. If you have green eyes, warm shades that include a little red will emphasise the golden flecks, or you could opt for something neutral such as the Vanity Flare Nude Eyeshadow Palette from Benefit cosmetics. Blue eyes often look good with the peachy gold warmer shades of eyeshadow but as Marie Claire says, you should choose whatever you feel best with and never be afraid to take risks.

Apply eyeshadow to flatter your eye shape

If you aim to make your eyes look bigger, choose warmer tones and emphasise your eyes by taking it higher and lower than normal. To make round eyes appear more feline, blend the eyeshadow out and up towards the outer corner of your eye. People with hooded lids can use more colour because it is really only visible when your eye closes. A range of eye makeup is available from companies such as

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Try a subtle approach

If you want a more understated look, try using tinted eyeshadow primer to add a wash of colour to your eyelids. Primers are not unlike cream eyeshadows and you can add a little definition by running a brush along to define the crease.

Try a cut crease

Sharp cut creases do not suit everyone but you can compromise by applying a soft line of metallic colour in the crease that will not give a heavy look, but will define the shape of your eyes.

Clean up any mistakes

If you hold a fan brush under the eye while you are applying eyeshadow, any stray bits will drop on to the brush rather than on your foundation.

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