Why have a standby generator?

There will be times in all our lives when the National Grid lets us down. Many people alive today will remember frequent power cuts due to industrial action, brown outs in extended cold weather, days without power after floods and gales, and the occasional local disaster due to road excavations or sub-station burn-outs. Then add the many occasions when power fails due to shorts or overloads inside your own home.

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Mains supply is not a constant. Once upon a time, Britain relied upon its inexhaustible coal supplies, but today almost all sources of power are imported and therefore exposed to the many political instabilities looming on the horizon.

And what about those occasions when you need power too far from the mains supply? Perhaps you want to spend time literally off-grid. There are great property bargains to be had if you can supply your own power. When you only want to bridge the gap until mains power is connected, a generator rental will suffice. In other cases, you’ll want a permanent or backup supply.


Always plan in readiness for extreme weather, as it always happens. The floods of 2007, blizzards of 2009, and the Great Storm of 1987 left families without power for weeks. In winter, that’s a serious threat: your family may have to be evacuated, disrupting your job, damaging your income, and leaving your home unprotected.

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Generator rental

Rental is an option if you plan it in advance. Long term rentals are cheaper than short ones, so are an alternative to buying. Long-term planning means you can have infrastructure in place so that emergency power cuts in automatically in a power failure. Your appliances keep running without interruption. This is vital if you have hundreds of pounds of food in the freezer, a basement conversion that uses a pump to keep it dry, or a business that needs to stay open. Any generator rental professionals will be happy to advise you how this works.

If you’re thinking it makes sense to rent only after an emergency arises, remember that when the power fails across a wide area, it’s too late. Even if you can still get to a rental company, others might have got there before you.

A standby generator can be installed directly into your building’s electrical panel and will be powered by propane or diesel.b


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