What is electricity

Electricity is used by all of us in one form or another and with the recent energy crisis causing more and more suppliers to go busts, there is a big drive on finding easy in which we can produce electricity in a cleaner, more sustainable manner. We don’t often think about the electricity that we use until a lightbulb goes out, a power switch stops working or we go out to the Electric Meter box to take a monthly reading as we all try to maintain an appropriate level for our bills more of us are going out to the meterbox electric meter box on the side of the house to check on the amount of energy that we are using.

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Electricity is essentially the flow of electrons and this occurs naturally throughout our environment. We have found ways in which we can harness this force and use it to power numerous different items that we need in our lives.

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In order to supply this secondary energy source to our homes, we actually convert energy from another source. This could be the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and gas that then result in turbines moving and creating energy at a transmitter, or the split or uranium atoms to move similar turbines. It is these fossil fuels that are beginning to run out and that have a negative impact on our environment. This is why moving over to renewable sources such as solar, wind and tidal will help to improve the environmental impact but also still provide us with the energy that is needed.

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