Tips for driving with a trailer

There are several tips that need to be considered when driving with a trailer.  If this is your first time with an attachment hooked to the rear of the car it is a good idea to appraise yourself of what you will need to do. It is a very different experience when handling a trailer as the car or vehicle immediately grows in size. Therefore you have to have your wits about you.  Here are a few pointers to remember before you set off. If it’s clear that you need some Trailer Parts  before you even begin, it’s best to visit these experts first  at Auto and Trailer.

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  1.  Check that the trailer is in good condition.  This means checking that it’s tyre pressures are correct and that there is plenty of tread on the tires.  Just like a car, trailers are liable to skidding if the tyres are defective.
  2.  Slow down.  You will not be able to drive at the normal speed you would in an unattached vehicle.  The extra weight from the trailer will change the nature of the car’s steering.  You should  also check the highway code for what legislation there is regarding driving with trailers.  overtaking for example is not allowed

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  1.  Be more aware.  Although you would be like this at the best of times in an unattached vehicle with a trailer on the back of the car or van you need to be even more aware of other road users around you.  For example, pulling out of a junction will require more care and attention than before.
  2.  Ensure that the trailer is evenly balanced.  Whatever you are placing in the back of the trailer must be of an  equally distributed weight.  The trailer could overbalance and also cause issues with the car’s handling if it is wrongly weighted.
  3.  Make sure that whatever is in the trailer is securely fastened down and cannot slip about.

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