Some Wonderfully Watery Facts

If you’re thinking about water, in particular, irrigation needs for a garden, allotment or farm then you might be interested in these amazing watery facts:

  • Water is needed for all life on Earth. There are no living organisms that don’t require water whether they live in the ocean or in the hottest deserts. Scientists believe that water is the key to finding life on other planets as it seems to be a required element for all lifeforms.

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  • Almost 97% of the Earth’s water is found in the ocean which covers 71% of our planet’s surface. Did you know that 0.001% of this water is floating above us in the atmosphere.
  • A small fraction of Earth’s water is freshwater, making up only 3.5%. Freshwater is found in streams, lakes and rivers. There is a lot more freshwater than that but it is locked inside glaciers – up to 68% and a further 30% in groundwater. When you need Water Irrigation Systems, visit a site like
  • A single drop of ocean water can contain millions and millions of bacteria and viruses, as well as plankton, tiny worms and fish eggs!
  • Water has an interesting texture that means it’s sort of sticky. This is why it forms into droplets whereas not all liquids do. It’s a clever aspect of nature because it makes water more easily transported from a plant’s roots to its leaves.

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  • We experience water in 3 states – liquid, solid (ice) and gas (vapour). This is quite unusual as we don’t normally experience this with other substances as they have extreme boiling and freezing points.

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