Sweden’s Fransson Wins First EBT Title

Daniel Fransson has won his first European Bowling Tour title in the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2016 held in the Netherlands. Fransson has been a regular at the tournament over recent years, finishing in second place for three years running and losing out each time to Mik Stampe, a Danish bowler. This year Stampe had to settle for second place, as Fransson came out on top with 470 pins to Stampe’s 463.

Swedens Fransson Wins First EBT Title

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The Top Finishers

Fransson wins the 5,000 euro prize, while Stampe collects 3,000 euros for second place. Third-placed Mats Maggi from Belgium secures the third spot and 2,000 euros, and Martina Schutz collects 1,500 euros for finishing in fourth place.

The European Bowling Tour consists of 16 tournaments in 11 countries, with Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament being the third of the season. The next tournament is the 10th International Wroclaw Open, which will take place in Poland later this month.

Ten-Pin Bowling Accessories

Each competitor of the tour this year has been kitted out in the latest bowling gear, including bowling shoes, gloves, wrist supports and suitable bowling clothing to ensure comfortable play. The bowling gloves often chosen by pro players are soft and supportive while offering protection and a good grip. These can be bought from bowling shops or online stores such as Petes Pro Shop.

The UK’s Ten-Pin Bowling Anniversary

The European Bowling Tour has caused a surge in interest in ten-pin bowling around the UK. This is especially timely because 2016 is the 50th anniversary of ten-pin bowling’s arrival in the UK. The BBC reports that a bowling alley in West London took part in the celebrations with Sir Henry Cooper rolling a ‘golden ball’ to mark the historic occasion. The ex-boxer opened the first bowling alley, called ‘Tenpin Lanes’, 50 years ago.

The Increasing Popularity of Bowling

Ten-pin bowling is attractive to competitors of all ages, so the sport is sure to continue to thrive in the UK. Bowling’s increasing popularity will ensure there are more potential competitors from the UK in international competitions in the future. The European Bowling Tour is an exciting time for ten-pin bowling fans, and Fransson has ignited more interest across Europe with his determination to lift the trophy after his many years of second-place finishes.

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