Cheshire hospitality sector bolsters local economy

Recent figures suggest that the hospitality industry in East Cheshire is enjoying especially buoyant times, with a positive multiplier effect for the local economy.

Cheshire hospitality sector bolsters local economy

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According to an article in the Crewe Chronicle, the hospitality industry in the borough of Cheshire East, which includes large towns such as Macclesfield and Crewe, has increased from £152m in 2009 to £218m in 2014; in fact, the entire value of the borough’s tourism industry is worth an impressive £800m. This boom in the industry has had a knock-on effect, helping many local businesses to stay afloat during the troubled economic times that have affected the rest of the UK since 2009.

Hotel occupancy rises

Hotel occupancy in Cheshire East currently stands at 447,000, an increase from 426,000 in 2014. Occupancy as a percentage of total beds was up to 75.6% in 2015 – a massive rise from 59.9% in 2012. This rise in hotel use is better than the increases in York, Liverpool and Cheshire West.

The lure of Cheshire East

Reasons behind the continued rise in tourism in the area include the RHS Flower Show, which has taken place in Tatton Park each year since 1999. The area is also well known for holding a number of high-end wedding fayres, artisan markets, cultural festivals and events. It also offers a wealth of activities, including canal boat trips, walking and cycling.

The borough’s proximity to the big cities of Liverpool and Manchester has also played a part, as has its proximity to Manchester Airport.

Increasing profits

Hospitably businesses in Cheshire East that have not seen the same turnover could look to new and creative ways of engaging with customers and driving up revenue. With overall UK pub attendances dwindling, many innkeepers rely on special event days to bolster profits. A great way to pull people in is by offering something different; for example, finding a bouncy castle company or a rodeo bull distributor such as is a great way to get people in on special event days.

This trend is set to continue on its positive trajectory, with more investment in the area’s tourism expected over the coming years. Cheshire East will be staging a Tour of Britain cycle race leg in the latter part of 2016 and the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations will see a further injection of investment.

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