Bra Sizing: Three Top Tips

Choosing the right size of bra has been shrouded in mystery for years, but with some handy hints it really isn’t that difficult at all.

Bra Sizing

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Start by choosing a bra you like in the size you think you are. Wearing a style that’s pretty will help make you look and feel better instantly.

Back Up

Most of the support from your bra comes from the back, so it’s important that the back band is not loose. Get it comfortable on the loosest hook initially, as over time, as it stretches, you’ll need the other hooks to tighten it up. It should be firm in a straight line across your back.


The shoulder straps pick up the rest of the support. They shouldn’t be so tight that they dig into your shoulders – you should be able to comfortably slide two fingers underneath them – but they shouldn’t be so loose that they slip.

Check the Gap

Another two-finger test – this time, try sliding fingers under the triangular panel at the front in the centre of your chest. If that’s easy, the bra is too loose. If the panel is pushing away and not flat against your skin, the size isn’t right and you’ll need to re-do the back and straps tests. If your breasts are spilling out anywhere – sides, top or bottom – the chances are the cups are too small and you will need to go up a size. You might find that with some brands you want to go down a back size, too. There will be a little trial and error, so it is worth getting fitted each time you buy new bras. You will quickly find brands and styles that suit your size and shape. Look at your profile in a mirror. It’s often easier to see the ‘four-boob’ effect that way!

A well-fitting, well-made bra, such as the Prima Donna Deauville Bra from, will last a long time, provided care instructions are also followed. For the best results, hand-wash lingerie when possible.

For more tips on fitting everyday bras, check out Good Housekeeping or Fitness Magazine for advice on choosing sports bras.

If you’re still unsure, most department stores and specialist lingerie shops have trained fitters on hand to help you.

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