The major challenges and key to foster a brand community

A brand community is an effective way to retain customers that allows to know them better and identify their interests and needs tool. These communities can also act as a meeting point between the company and its customers, which bridge the gap and strengthen the link.

To do this, the mark must raise a oriented strategy to reach their customers, plantearles the opportunity to become part of its exclusive community and exceed expectations. Thus a community of living and active brand, where all parties feel integrated and enjoy contributing be created.

Before jumping to propose actions, should stop to assess the degree of knowledge of the target audience and how to present the initiative and how the membership of the community can meet your needs. In this regard, the type design profiles, known as “persons” may contribute to the study of the client and the approach of an effective strategy.

The major challenges and key to foster a brand communityShould define different types of “people”, depending on the different types of public as well as for each phase, including, from the knowledge of the initiative, until accession as fully integrated members:

The first step is to draw customers’ attention and arouse their interest in joining the community. This will involve more than ever to get in the skin of the target audience and understand the motivations that can lead to join this initiative. This is important to design persons representing the different needs, values and attitudes of the target audience in order to create messages designed to respond to each.

Then it is necessary to invite them to become full members. It is not only getting their initial interest, but it is necessary to make us a place in the mind of the customer and offer benefits that you bring to want to know more about the community. Here, people are used to identify which aspects are most relevant to take them to confirm their decision to belong to the community.

The next challenge is to bring them back to the community, motivate them to enter, complete their profile and prepare to benefit from the actions proposed here. It is essential not only to create an initial interest but maintain it. For this we take as a reference the data provided by individuals, studying the objectives and motivations that led users to this point.

A community can not be kept alive without the contributions of its members, who have at their disposal a multitude of options and proposals that invest their time. Hence the need to generate the initial commitment of the members and work to meet their expectations by offering proposals that motivate them to action. This would not be possible without a deep knowledge of the customer, a fact that is facilitated by the design of people.

It is essential to maintain the level of activity. Customers have already been able to see the benefits of belonging to the community; therefore, the next step is to continue to provide value and make full members, so enjoy actively participating regularly sit.

To get the real commitment to customers is necessary to give them preferential treatment and show a real interest. It is therefore important to identify leaders, and value them as such. They may be the best brand advocates or detractors worse. Should recognize, understand their interests and how to act and how to address them and what actions are most appropriate for these profiles.

Definitely build a brand community is an initiative that denotes a real interest in knowing the customer and enhance their experience with the brand. Which involves working to meet their needs and strive to exceed their expectations.

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